Youth urged to make wise choices today for a bright future tomorrow

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For the average impulsive, thrill-seeking young adult, gambling offers an ideal opportunity for ‘glamorous’ fun and excitement. Unfortunately this age group’s propensity to take risks is often not balanced by careful thought of consequences, and so gambling can present a dangerous pastime for them.In addition to formal gambling such as casinos, horses, the lottery and sports betting, there are many other forms of gambling to entice them. Along with betting among friends, many take risks with illegal games such as Fafi, cards and dice. Furthermore, with access to a computer and a credit card it is easy to indulge in online gambling, regardless of the fact that it is illegal in South Africa.The National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP), as South Africa’s foremost authority on gambling, is presenting workshops around the country aimed at helping young people to apply greater caution when taking risks related to gambling in particular, and life in general.The workshop in Johannesburg on Saturday, 11th October will be held in collaboration with the Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB).  The workshop will address invited young people and influencers in the province.NRGP Executive Director Nana Magomola said, “We want to ensure we do not condemn or judge, but rather help young people to understand the consequences of their choices in an informed and responsible way. By applying logic and foresight to decision-making processes, youngsters can reduce risks and harms related to problem gambling and risky lifestyle choices.”As one of the speakers at the workshop, Magomola draws on her experience as a lawyer, business woman, gender activist and background in healthcare, government administration and the private sector.Guests will also be addressed by Palesa Mosiea, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and director of companies with interests as widespread as property, manufacturing and the communications and events industries.   She will be joined by a speaker from the National Credit Regulator (NCR).The day will include an industrial theatre play on taking risks responsibly, one of the NRGP’s key themes, and an interactive talk on the subject. Participants will also learn how addiction can negatively affect an entire family and community, and how to create strategies to reduce problems of addiction and better manage finances.“Our concern is for young people who gamble, or who may one day choose to gamble, is that they do so knowing what the risks are and how to minimize them,” Magomola said.



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