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Suzuki’s all-new Celerio, which replaces the popular Alto mini hatchback in South Africa this month, has been created to provide buyers of small cars with a generous and enjoyable motoring experience. The newcomer proves that compact doesn’t need to be cramped, and that space and style don’t have to cost a fortune.
Developed for world markets, and already a top seller in India, the Celerio reflects Suzuki’s unrivalled expertise as a producer of compact cars and SUVs with a concept that combines the user-friendly dimensions and wieldy road manners of a small hatchback with a surprisingly spacious interior and a voluminous luggage compartment.
At the same time, the Celerio’s efficient drivetrain delivers zesty dynamics, combined with economical fuel consumption. Its low CO2 exhaust emissions also endow the new Celerio with impressive environmental credentials.
Measuring just 3,6 metres long and 1,6 metres wide, the new Celerio is unmistakably a member of the mini hatchback clan, making it the perfect choice for zipping through city traffic or squeezing into tight parking spaces.
However, the impression of space when stepping into the cockpit of the Celerio is quite at odds with its compact footprint. One of the reasons is a height of
1,53 metres, which ensures an unusual level of headroom. And thanks to an extended wheelbase, short overhangs and space-saving suspension, interior space is maximised – as is the luggage compartment.
The Celerio matches its efficient packaging to attractive, modern styling. A prominent chrome grille with broad, horizontal bars is the dominating feature, while bold headlights add to the car’s expressive ‘face’.

The Celerio features Suzuki’s CICO (Curve In, Curve Out) design. Strong style lines demarcate the flanks and the shoulder line of the hatchback, contributing to a sleek and streamlined impression. The rear is dominated by the large tailgate, which opens down to bumper level for convenient access to the cargo compartment.
A further hallmark of the new Celerio is its K10B three-cylinder engine. The
1,0-litre unit combines ample urge with high efficiency, ensuring zippy performance and excellent fuel consumption. Rated maximum power is 50 kW at
6 000 r/min, combined with a torque peak of 90 Nm at a relatively low 3 500 r/min.
Depending on model, the combined cycle fuel consumption figure of the Celerio is as low as 4,6 litres/100 km, with an associated CO2 emissions rating of just
108 g/km – well below the emissions tax threshold. That translates into an impressive operating range of more than 750 km from a single 35 litre tank.
The Celerio is the first Suzuki model to be fitted with the marque’s new automated manual gearbox, which allows clutchless operation of a manual gearbox without the energy losses usually associated with conventional torque

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