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In an increasingly isolated age where technology such as sms, whatsapp and email have replaced personal interaction and online dating is becoming more common, people are finding it more and more difficult to connect – with each other and with their physical and emotional selves. Jonti Searll, creator of Eros Life, is a healer and teacher who focuses on creating a safe space for people to expand their sexual experience and consciousness. With over 25 years of experience, Jonti uses Tantric and Taoist principles to help couples and single people to heal and find their inner sexuality in a peaceful and spiritual way.
Eros Life offers workshops, massage experiences, counselling and support in the form of online resources or DVDs to assist people in their journey towards a more sensual way of life. Eros is not about a one-size-fits-all approach but tailors programmes to meet the needs of individuals. The programmes may incorporate coaching, breath work, bodywork, meditation, and practical exercises, and are designed to make people feel comfortable with making a change towards self-awareness and intimacy. Jonti has done many years of research throughout his time as a healer and therapist, in order to understand how best to combine Eastern teachings and Western learnings to restore and expand body, mind and soul.
According to Jonti, “At Eros Life we have seen so many people who are experiencing sexual issues and difficulties, and each individual or couple is unique. We strive to help people of all orientations and backgrounds to discover and explore their sexual identity. This is not just about physical pleasure, but also about creativity, meditation, even spirituality.” Many Eros Life clients have thanked Jonti for bringing new depth to their relationship, or improving their self-esteem.
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STOKVEL TALK and EROS LIFE are offering an opportunity to two lucky readers to win A Eros Life hapmer. To stand a chance of winning please answer the following questions:

When will the workshop take place. Answers can bu submitted via email to
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