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Following her Certified Gold 2023 Project “Asylum” announcement after just one week of being released, Uncle Waffles continues her upwards trajectory. This past weekend saw her kick off her USA Tour by re-introducing the Amapiano genre to Coachella, as the first Amapiano DJ to perform on one of the main stages at the esteemed international music festival.

Offficial videos of her set started trending on Twitter early Saturday morning in South Africa, as she put on her first stellar performance on Friday evening in the US, complete with all the choreography and high energy we know her to deliver on.

Despite experiencing some technical difficulties during her 9pm prime-time slot, she mastered on and delivered on the same authentic Uncle Waffles experience we all know and love her for.

The Coachella audience received her with open arms at the Sonora stage, right before headliner Bad Bunny hit the main stage to close the night off.

On Saturday she was introduced as the surprise act on the Do-Labs stage to an unsuspecting audience. Yet again the crowd loves her high energy performance securing her a spot in the history books.

She closed off the weekend with her killer set at the Coachella afterparty at Zenyara.

Uncles Waffles will return to Coachella this coming weekend for their fourth performance at the festival.

We think it’s safe to say: Waffles, we wanna party!

Project “Asylum” is now available on all leading streaming platforms.