The Soil ready for the big stage: SAMA23

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The multi-award winning and triple platinum-selling group,The Soil, stand a chance to scoop 03 awards at the upcoming SAMA23. They were nominated on three various categories which includes, Best Engineered album, Best Duo/Group and also the Best Afro Pop album. It won’t be easy walk in the park as some categories they are contesting against heavy weights like Vusi Nova, Jaziel Brothers and Robbie Malinga. These are not just ordinary artists but giants in the music industry. Stokvel Talk spoke to Buhle Mda one of the members of the group and she was very happy with the nominations they got. ” We hope to get all the 03 awards as we are 03 in our group”. The Soil recently released a new album called Echoes of Kofifi Which represents the distant past, yet is present like yesterday. It captures the distant past and freezes it in the present, so that the beautiful ones, who are not yet born, will live to tell a story they never experienced – no matter what time, space and moment it is.

The single #Thambo Lam features one of the most successful rappers of all time in South Africa, Kwesta, who has become a household name beyond just the hip-hop fraternity. It is the song that definitely binds the young and the old and will take everyone down memory lane. Theo SongsressMatshoba, a brave and daring songstress, features in the song #Selfie. Theo rose to the occasion when the nation asked her to be the custodian of Buhle’s baton, during her brief sabbatical.

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