The New Datsun Go+Panel Van is the ideal vehicle for Entrepreneurs

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DATSUN has made its intentions to take the vibrant market by storm clear with the recent launching of its Panel Van, Datsun GO+
This stylish panel van is ideal for small business owners who are looking for a city runabout that is capable of moving anything from flowers, catering supplies, to a range of other small to medium sized parcels.
A trip to Limpopo few days ago was received by admires with mixed feelings as most argued that this was way too smart to be a panel van, more so because of its four-door design that resembles any sedan cars.
Nevertheless, Datsun Go+ is ideal for young entrepreneurs as the car is suitable for both work and leisure.
Driving across the province of Limpopo and certain portions of North West around Hammanskraal areas, its performance at both take-off and running was out of this world and it was not surprising to see some other road users frequently asking information about the car, ranging from its retailed price to fuel consumption.
Datsun Go+ offers a whopping loading capacity of 542 kilograms, and has a loading volume of 3.4m3.
Easy access to loads is offered through the two rear doors on both sides, and the high opening rear hatch, for those quick deliveries and pick-ups. A solid partition separates the cargo area from the driving compartment. The divider is topped with a sturdy mesh grill, that ensures loads stay where required, and provides the driver with the ability to quickly visually check loads.
Datsun South Africa general manager, Des Fenner was full of praise about their latest offering, saying: “The distinctive Datsun styling with its characteristic high shoulder is a feature that makes the new panel van attractive to business owners who may wish to add a vehicle wrap and signage to the Datsun GO+ Panel Van, creating a mobile advertising platform for their businesses,” said Fenner.
While most of the panel vans don’t come cheap, the Datsun G0+ has a recommended selling price tag of R149 900 (including VAT) which will certainly assist entrepreneurs and fleets alike.
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