Sunday Circle, 02 November promises fireworks

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Leadership 2020, an educational, social-entrepreneurship movement continues to build momentum and create awareness with their new Sunday networking social aptly titled Sunday Circle.
Recently launched in September 2014 the Sunday Circle brand has successfully gotten itself onto the lips of budding entrepreneurs who are looking for an outlet to connect, network, socialize and build their network.
The Sunday Circle slogan ‘ The Network that increases your Net-Worth’ clearly explains the movement leaders intentions of building wealth amongst the next generation of leaders.
Sbusiso Leope aka DJ Sbu, one of the Leadership 2020 directors say’s “I’m so impressed and excited by the response we have had to our Sunday Circle events. With very little above the line advertising , we have managed to appeal to a market who have been crying out for this type of inspiration, education, motivation and entertainment all in one go.
I cant wait for the movement to grow and we get to inspire thousands at our Sunday Circle meetings.”
Leadership 2020 are proud to present an all female line up for their upcoming event presented with the following question as the event title, Is Hard Work Overrated? How Do You Work Less To Achieve Better Results?
“What if your commitment to hard work to achieve success, was an illusion? Just like the Earth being flat was once a misperception?
How would that change your life?” Donna McCallum
Join Goddess-Creatrix, Kagiso Msimango, SA’s ‘top Psychic’ Shannon Walbran & Donna Mcallum, The Fairy Godmother on Sunday 2nd of November 2014 at Cantare Monte Casino to look into your future and find out how you can shape your results, yield more from what you put in and be happier with you!

“One of the best ways our angels help us is by telling us what to let go of, in order to allow our true gifts to shine through.

Find out where you’re working too hard and putting in too much effort with no results. Then your energy will surge forward and you’ll have more time, joy, and love.” Shannon Walbran

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