Stay switched on for longer: Energizer Max shares some tips on extending battery life

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Power up and stay positively energized with Energizer Max, the ultra-reliable battery which offers a no-leak guarantee without compromising on performance. When left inside a device for prolonged periods, certain brands of alkaline batteries can leak, damaging valuable devices such as toys, torches and cameras. Energizer Max are so confident that their no-leak technology can protect devices that they offer a no-leak guarantee that is valid for up to two years*.
With load shedding a reality in South Africa, people are relying more heavily on battery power, which is why it is important to look after and store batteries optimally in order to extend their life. Once they are in use, certain steps can also be taken to avoid that dreaded flashing “low battery” notice. Energizer Max has a few tips on how to take care of batteries for better performance:
• Batteries should be stored in a cool, dry and non-corrosive place such as a cupboard to prolong their shelf life. Some people suggest storing batteries in the fridge or freezer but this is not recommended by Energizer, although they should be stored away from heat. Store loose batteries in a zipped plastic bag, away from metal objects, which can short-circuit the battery. For this reason, don’t leave them loose in a handbag, pocket or drawer.
• When removing or replacing the batteries in devices, do not mix old and new batteries, or batteries of a different brand, size or type, as this can encourage the older battery to leak.
• Make sure that the battery is the correct size and type for the intended device for optimal battery performance.
• Preserve battery life by switching off a device and removing the batteries when the device is not in use. This is important in digital cameras, for example, which are high-drain devices. Taking the batteries out of the camera when you aren’t using it will keep the batteries powered up for longer.
• Don’t try and recharge non-rechargeable batteries as this is a fire hazard.
If stored correctly, Energizer Max batteries hold their power for up to ten years in storage, putting their power conveniently at your fingertips when needed most. Senior Brand Manager, Rashmi Vadivelu explains that “Energizer is not just concerned about selling batteries. We want people to use our products correctly and responsibly so that they get the best value for their money, and our batteries are used in a way that is safe for consumers and the environment.” This is exemplified in Energizer’s ethos of Positivenergy.
Energizer Max batteries are available in retail outlets across South Africa. For more information on these or any of the other Energizer products please go to
• Energizer will repair or replace, at their option, any device damaged by leakage from Energizer MAX Alkaline batteries for up to two years after full discharge. If exact replacement is not available, devices may be replaced with a product of comparable market value at the time of claim. Leaking battery and damaged device must be provided to Energizer as proof of claim.

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