Security remains a Top priority for Samsung Business

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Samsung multifunction printers ensure enterprise security across multiple levels
Office printers have recently become a target of cybercrime thanks to the valuable information that is stored on the built-in hard drives and shared across networks by employees and organisations. This data can be accessed by lawbreakers who can then use it for fraudulent activities, including identity crime and sharing of confidential and personal information. Samsung has long since understood this threat and ensures that its multifunction printers (MPF) adhere to high-level security practices to ensure that valuable corporate data remains private and secure.

“The multifunction printer’s hard drive is equipped to securely store different size files with thousands of documents and images,” says Mike van Lier, Director of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD) at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “Without the appropriate security measures in place, the impact it has on the employees and the businesses can potentially be devastating.”

This doesn’t mean that the organisation should now throw its MFP out with the trash or panic about every copy or scan. Instead, they need to invest in solutions that come with the right level of security features and functionalities that can be tailored to work within their business.

“We have been working closely with industry partners to create MFPs which meet the regulatory requirements of today’s information infrastructure,” says van Lier. “Our MFPs provide a five point fortress, the Samsung Security Framework, to protect against unauthorised access to data. This framework is designed to ensure that vital corporate information and documents are kept safe from the moment they enter the MFP until the data is removed.”

The Samsung Security Framework provides businesses with an array of security capabilities without the need to purchase a ‘security kit’ to ensure device security. The security framework’s sophistication is designed to secure the user’s data, as well as network, fax, document and management information which will be stored in the system’s document lifecycle of the framework. With these functions, organisations are assured that their data will remain private and secure and are given the tools they need in order to ensure that this always remains the case. By recognising the importance of protecting data that comes through each of these five routes, the system is then prepared for the worst.

By understanding the path that information travels, Samsung has identified the vulnerabilities which the information can encounter and has created an MFP security system that is affordable, convenient and effective.

“At Samsung we understand the challenges facing organisations today, which is exactly why our business solutions go beyond the basic to ensure that the highest level of security is provided,” concludes van Lier. “Our MFPs are built to help take businesses to the next level, delivering flexibility and convenience to ensure supremely efficient operations.”

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