Samsung wins eight outstanding achievement awards from buyers laboratory for its Multifunction Printers

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has received eight Outstanding Achievement awards – seven of these were for its SMART MultiXpress series – at the Buyers Laboratory (BLI) 2015 Summer Awards.

The awards for Samsung Electronics went to the entire line of the SMART MultiXpress 7 Series (X7600, X7500, X7400, K7600, K7500, K7400) for the “Outstanding A3 Monochrome MFP” and “Outstanding A3 Colour MFP” categories in the following speed segments: 51 to 60 pages per minute (ppm), 41 to 50 ppm and 31 to 40 ppm.

Another SMART MultiXpress model, the K4350LX, won in the “Outstanding 31- to 40-ppm A3 Monochrome MFP” category. Additionally, the SMART ProXpress M4580/M4583FX, an A4 MFP series, won in the “Outstanding Achievement in the MFP for Mid-size to Large Workgroups” category.

“Buyers that need a highly reliable MFP with top-notch printing performance need to look no further than Samsung’s MultiXpress colour X7400, X7500 and X7600 Series and monochrome K7400, K7500 and K7600 Series,” says George Mikolay, Senior Product Editor at BLI.

The X colour models produced high quality graphics and images and the K monochrome models received BLI’s highest rating in every print quality category tested. Both the colour and monochrome models showed fast scanning speeds, with duplex mode scanning twice to three times as fast as other models in the market.

SMART MultiXpress, a new printing ecosystem
The MultiXpress 7 series distinguishes itself with the quad-core Central Processing Unit (CPU) and dual-scan document feeder, printing a page per second and scanning four pages every second, respectively. The MultiXpress 4 series runs on a dual-core processor, printing 45 pages per minute. It also features the fast-scanning dual-scan document feeder.

All of Samsung’s SMART MultiXpress models come with the Smart UX Center, an Android-based user interface that offers a smart touch user experience and printing apps designed to create a seamless printing workflow.

“We are thrilled to have received the Outstanding A3 Monochrome MFP award for four speed segments,” says Mike van Lier, Director of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD) at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “Based on our philosophy of providing an efficient printing ecosystem, we will continue innovating and creating new products and solutions that can be customised for enhanced productivity and cost savings.”

The ProXpress M4580/M4583 wins for ease of use and customisation
The ProXpress M4580/M4583 Series was recognised for its excellence as an MFP for mid-to-large sized workgroups.

“The ProXpress M4580FX completed 200,000 impressions with no paper jams or technical malfunctions and this means that users can expect maximum uptime,” says Marlene Orr, Senior Analyst at BLI. “This, along with robust scanning, an Android-based control panel and low cost of ownership make ProXpress M4580FX the perfect choice.”

Samsung has won BLI’s “Monochrome Printer/MFP Line of the Year” award three times since 2012, placing the brand on the map as a strong player in the monochrome printer category.

“The loyalty and appreciation from our customers is a testament to our commitment to developing industry-leading products,” says Van Lier. “Many large businesses are opting for A4 MFPs these days in lieu of the larger and more expensive A3 devices and we will continue meeting the needs of this market by offering similarly robust A4 printers.”

More details about the awarded products can be found on the Buyers Laboratory website at

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