Samsung to showcase expanded SMART Signage Portfolio at IFA 2015

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At IFA 2015 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., will showcase the latest additions to its innovative SMART Signage portfolio, demonstrating its ability to deliver impactful, eye-catching displays for any business and retail environment. Samsung’s booth will be located at Booth 101 at City Cube Hall B, Messe Berlin in Berlin, Germany.
Mike van Lier, Director of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD) at Samsung Electronics South Africa, said: “At IFA 2015, we are excited to demonstrate how our advanced SMART Signage display technologies create new opportunities for businesses, enabling them to transform content delivery and meet the changing engagement demands of their most critical audiences.”
Samsung’s display technologies enhance the customer and employee experience through clearer picture quality and visible and impactful message presentation, generating new opportunities for revenue and productivity. With a flexible line-up, including indoor and outdoor LED signage, ergonomic business monitors, and versatile television-and-signage-hybrid displays, among other solutions, Samsung will give IFA attendees a look at the business and retail landscapes of the future.
The Store of the Future
IFA 2015 attendees could get a glimpse of the retail store of the future, enhanced by interactive and informative display technologies, through a unique Samsung Electronics booth experience. Samsung’s line of retail-oriented displays provides shoppers with a more convenient, informed and customised shopping experience. These innovations range from technologies that sense customer movements and shopping interests to deliver targeted advertising content as they move across the store floor. From virtual fitting rooms, mirror displays and small signage the technology pairs customers’ clothing options with expanded visibility and an interactive catalogue of complementary accessories and on-sale items.

Most notably, Samsung will unveil its OLED Transparent display for the first time. With a thin, self-lighting panel, Samsung’s OLED display provides a dynamic interior design solution for retailers by giving shoppers near-perfect viewing angles from any perspective. The display’s superior brightness (150 cd/m2), high transmittance (45 percent) and high-quality imagery (CDI 98 percent) also help to capture customer attention, enhancing the delivery of promotional and informational content.

Captivating LED Signage
In order to meet the growing demand from corporate, retail, sports and entertainment and transportation users, Samsung’s expanded LED Signage technologies – enhanced by the company’s early 2015 acquisition of LED manufacturer YESCO Electronics – deliver superior picture quality, extended durability and reliable technical support.

Samsung’s indoor LED Signage displays feature 1.5mm and 2.5mm fine pixel pitch (distance between pixels) configurations and top-tier diodes to provide deeper contrast and life-like picture quality.

The LED displays undergo rigorous factory and field calibration in order to ensure continuity and presentation accuracy even in extreme heat or weather conditions. Additionally, Samsung’s LED Signage displays are available in rectangular and curved layouts, enabling businesses to design and easily install displays that suit their brand and unique operational needs.

All-in-One Promotional and Entertainment Displays
By combining the benefits of digital signage with the picture quality and captivation of live television, Samsung’s SMART Signage TV (SSTV) RHE Series expands content possibilities for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and small office/home office (SOHO) owners. Available in 48- and 55-inch models, the all-in-one SSTV RHE enables businesses to instantly create and deploy informative and entertaining custom content, including text, images, videos, promotional banners and real-time broadcasts.

The SSTV RHE includes Samsung’s MagicInfo Express Content Creator 2 content management software. With the software, businesses can design, schedule and update custom promotions with less hassle and expense than required when updating static and traditional print materials.

Ergonomic, Productivity-Enhancing Business Monitors
Samsung’s line of business-oriented SMART Signage monitors enhance workplace efficiency by delivering improved convenience and comfort. These monitors are an all-in-one, versatile alternative to traditional business displays that often are complex and expensive to maintain:

• SE790C and SE650C Curved Monitors – Designed to match the natural curve of the human eye, Samsung’s curved business monitors minimize the fatigue-driving distortion and reflection common in flat screen alternatives. Equipped with a height-adjustable stand (HAS) and wide viewing angles configurable to specific user needs, these displays also enable workers to view monitors comfortably for longer periods, extending productivity.
• SE370 Wireless Charging Monitor – Samsung’s recently unveiled SE370 monitor (24- and 27-inch models) is the world’s first to offer integrated wireless charging for all Qi-supported mobile devices. The SE370 monitor condenses multiple charging ports into a single embedded circular wireless charging area, eliminating the workspace clutter common as users work between multiple cables and ports.

“As the retail and business marketplaces become increasingly crowded, Samsung’s high-performing display technologies can offer companies a significant advantage by enhancing their ability to efficiently deliver striking content,” concluded van Lier.

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