Samsung launches innovative new waterfall dishwasher

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Samsung’s revolutionary new Waterwall™ Dishwasher has features previously only seen in professional kitchens. The cutting edge device incorporates the latest technology which sets it apart from conventional dishwashers.

Cleaning at its best
The Waterwall™ Dishwasher’s powerful water spray bar glides back and forth to create a sweeping wall of water that reaches into every corner, including the hard-to-reach places in the bottom rack. Unlike conventional dishwashers, this eliminates water wastage and saves time wasted by pre-rinsing.

The appliance also boasts Samsung’s unique Zone Booster™ setting, a ground-breaking technology that creates different pressure and temperature settings to target individual zones within the dishwasher to ensure a completely clean load. This allows for heavily soiled crockery to be grouped on one side of the bottom rack for higher-pressure to remove grease and food particles, while more fragile glasses or cleaner dishes can be placed on the opposite side of the rack under a lighter water stream and be washed simultaneously.

A place for everything and everything in its place
Samsung’s Waterwall™ Dishwasher has features previously reserved for professional kitchens. The Waterwall™ has a built-in Flexible Rack™ system that makes it easy to fit dishes and kitchen equipment of all shapes and sizes. The tines in both the upper and lower racks can also be folded down to increase the space for larger items such as pots and pans, while the versatile and transportable FlexTray™ accommodates a range of different sized cutlery to offer greater convenience when unloading.

Auto Door Open
The Auto Door Open feature means consumers no longer need to wait around for the wash cycle to end. When the rinse and dry process is complete, the door opens approximately 10 centimetres to allow steam to escape, delivering better drying results and saving time.

“Ultimately Samsung wants consumers to enjoy their daily lives more, while staying healthy and appreciating the best experiences through our latest innovations. We believe that the new Waterwall™ Dishwasher achieves these objectives,” says Michael McKechnie, Head of Digital Appliances at Samsung Electronics SA.

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