Samsung digital invertor compressors now with 10-year warranty

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The Samsung Electronics Inverter range of room air conditioning units feature the latest Digital Inverter technology with compressors that now come with a ten-year warranty.
“The warranty is our customer promise that Samsung premium products are designed to last. We continue to innovate with our technology, which has led us to manufacture our own compressors. Our world-class technology perfectly blends energy efficiency with outstanding performance for a truly superior product. We are proud to offer this exclusive ten-year guarantee, which is one of the first in the industry,” says Michael McKechnie, Head of Digital Appliances at Samsung South Africa.

This pursuit of superior performance has led Samsung to use technology in innovative ways to create enhanced products while also lowering the potential impact on the environment. Its Digital Inverter technology manages energy consumption levels while maintaining the desired temperature. The Digital Invertor Compressor works in a smart environment by controlling the speed of operation, based on the unit demand. This in turn reduces electrical loads, thus reducing operational costs.

Unlike non-inverter air conditioners, Samsung’s range comes with Smart Inverter technology, which maintains the ideal temperature without constantly shutting the compressor off and on. This reduces electricity usage and brings down costs. The Samsung Smart Inverter automatically adjusts power to cope with any variances in temperature fluctuations for optimal comfort. The range has an A+ Energy Efficiency Rating as well as single user mode to reduce capacity and two-step cooling, when needed.

“As the world’s leader in consumer electronics, Samsung’s philosophy is to offer outstanding products to our customers that makes their lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Our Digital Invertor technology makes us a class-leader in air conditioning and our warranty is testament to the fact that they are built to last and deliver, year after year,” concludes McKechnie.

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