SALGA Introduces the SALGA Centre For Leadership and Governance (SCLG ) 2023-2027 Capacity Building Programmes Catalogue, Prioritising Professionalism in Local Government

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The SALGA (South African Local Government Association) is proud to announce the relaunch of the 2023 – 2027 SALGA Centre for Leadership and Governance (SCLG) Capacity Building Programmes Catalogue on the 14 July 2023 at Thaba Eco Hotel, Gauteng.

The relaunch, themed Professionalising Local Government Through Leadership Development, signifies SALGA’s dedication to enhancing the capacity and performance of local government officials and promoting professionalism, accountability, and innovation within the sector. The relaunch will prominently feature the revised SALGA Training Programmes Catalogue, which was meticulously tailored to address the specific capacity-building needs of elected and appointed officials. The catalogue offers an extensive array of programmes that align with strategic considerations encompassing modernised approaches, data-driven methods, effective leadership, governance, accountability, and the development of competent officials.

Iman Rappetti, an acclaimed award-winning journalist and successful businesswoman, will guide the event with expertise and finesse. An acclaimed award-winning journalist and successful businesswoman, Rappetti is known for her exceptional anchoring roles on eNews, ENCA, and News Night. With her extensive experience and insightful interviews with influential figures, including former South African presidents, Rappetti brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the relaunch. The guest list includes prominent figures such as SALGA leadership, stakeholders, successful learners from SALGA capacity-building programmes, and esteemed implementation partners.

The relaunch event promises an immersive experience with multimedia elements and a thought-provoking keynote address. Attendees will explore the interactive SCLG Capacity Building Programmes catalogue and engage with multimedia presentations. The event aims to empower participants as they embark on their leadership and governance journeys, supported by SALGA and reaffirm partnerships with key stakeholders, including COGTA, National Treasury, AGSA, National School of Government, LGSETA, various SETAs, and Institutions of Higher Learning.

SALGA’s relaunch of the Centre for Leadership and Governance Capacity Building Programmes catalogue represents a pivotal moment in advancing professionalism and excellence within local government. The event anticipates an impactful and transformative experience, propelling attendees to reach new heights as they navigate their leadership and governance roles with SALGA’s unwavering support.