Safety and Elegance spell Volvo V40

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Talking about the Volvo V40 demands an amazing effort because the V40 comes in 26 models! The diversity can also be seen in the huge difference gap in the price – from entry level T3 Kinetic at R 352 098, to T5 R-Design priced at R 510 838.
The models vary from petrol to diesel engines vehicles. However one thing remains common despite the overwhelming selection: the Volvo safety. Secondly, the Volvo is an elegant option for sensible, discerning people. If you want noisy, flashy lifestyle look elsewhere!
In fact, the new V40 is one of the safest vehicles around, but there’s more to it in and outside. At first glance, the V40 appears like a an estate vehicle – or station wagon as we prefer to say in South Africa. This is because of its long rear that overhangs.
The V40 has physical presence, outsizing the Audi A3 or a BMW 1 Series in its category. Even more, it has unforgettable beauty and class, just looking at it.

The Volvo V40 further slays the competition with as class leader in fuel-consumption stakes. The petrol engine models on average sip 5.5 litres/100 km without the interruptions of congested traffic. The D2 models boast even lower petrol consumption at 3.4 litres/100km!
There’s reasonable power in modern Volvo’s, but the V40 gives a lot more kick and swift reaction. The T4 1.6-litre turbo-petrol motor for example produces 132kW at 5 700rpm and 240Nm at 1 600 to 5 000rpm. The low-down torque means you are never found wanting when climbing and accelerating.
Back to safetty, the V40 has it all and more… including pedestrian airbag technology. There is high quality object detection, lane-keeping aid with haptic auto steering, adaptive cruise control, park assist, active high beam and a cross-traffic alert system found at the rear.
More safety features include the driver alert control system that detects if you are tired and the city safety system that prevents low-speed impacts. In the event of an accident, the V40 has knee airbags and a safety cage with deformation zones. The seatbelts feature whiplash protection to lessen impact to your neck.
Now that you know you are safe in this stylish car, you can take it easy and enjoy its comforting interior, complete with modern personal technology. The impressive infotainment system features iPod connectivity, auxiliary input, USB as well as Bluetooth.
The V40 has added practicality in the form of rear doors, a feature that was missing from its predecessor. The boot space is truly small for a car of this size though, however the rest of the interior proved more than capacious enough.

T3 Kinetic R352 098
D2 Kinetic R 365 300
T3 Momentum R 393 898
D2 Momentum 400 500
T3 Momentum auto R 413 526
T3 Inscription R 416 398
T4 Momentum R 417 198
D2 Inscription R 423 200
T3 R-Design R 424 798
D2 R-Design 431 700
T3 Inscription auto R 435 926
T4 Momentum auto R 438 112
T4 R-Design R 439 498
T4 Inscription R 439 898
T3 R-Design auto R 444 326
D3 Momentum R 449 900
T4 R-Design auto R 460 112
D4 Momentum R 460 300
T4 Inscription auto R 461 112
D3 Inscription R 473 100
T5 Momentum R 480 238
D4 Inscription R 480 700
D3 R-Design R 481 400
D4 R-Design R 490 500
T5 Inscription R 500 838
T5 R-Design R 510 838

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