Let’s raise a glass to the moments that count, Mzansi From our family to yours, give the gift of exceptional smoothness with a bottle of Jack

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The festive season is about bringing people together and when all is said and done, nothing captures the spirit of Summer quite like pouring yourself a glass of Jack as you reflect on the milestones and achievements of the past year. Marked by moments of intimacy and connection with the ones we love, Jack believed that life was too precious to waste a single smooth sippin’ drop of it. And so, to mark the closure of yet another year, we’ve curated a selection of smooth sippin’ gifting ideas, the perfect reward for the ones who matter most on your list.
A unique blend of Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey and real honey, a sip of Tennessee Honey gives you a taste that is one-of-a-kind and unmistakably smooth. Made for backyards, bars, and everything in between, enjoy it on the rocks or mixed with refreshing lemonade on a hot Summer day.

Gentleman Jack® represents everything that our founder, Mr Jack Daniel, appreciated in his life: quality, authenticity, and being there for a good time. Raise a glass of Gentleman Jack® to life’s milestones – the graduations, promotions, bachelors and births – and the hard-won moments it took to get there. We believe that something as extraordinary as Gentleman Jack® deserves to look as good as it sips, because it turns out that whiskey can never be too smooth.

Only a small number of hand selected barrels will undergo the transformation to become a Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel- just one in every 100 barrels of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is chosen, resulting in a truly unique taste and yield for each offering. Presented in a special edition gift tin to further accentuate the exceptional quality held within, Jack’s Single Barrel Whiskey is a drink to mark and savour those once-in-a-lifetime moments and milestones.
We’ve distilled Jack down into one word: Smooth. Smooth like the sun gently setting behind the sea; smooth like music carried on the breeze at a braai; smooth like ice melting on a Summer’s day. Whether you’re searching for something for the square shooter, the independent spirit, the courageous or the authentic, you can’t go wrong with a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey® Gift Box.
Featuring a classic 750ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey® bottle and 50ml tasting bottles of both our new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye® and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey®, the Discovery Collection contains a guaranteed hit for every palate in the party. Bring friends and family together this festive season over the fresh and tastebud-tantalizing flavour experiences contained within this smooth sippin’ selection.
You can be certain that when you give the gift of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey® you’re giving far more than just a bottle; you’re bringing people together over a damn fine drink! Our 1L bottle and tin is perfectly sized to delight your friends and set the scene for making memories, just as Jack intended it to. So, get ready to pour yourself a glass and make the good times count with those who matter most
If you enjoy the spicier side of life, then Jack’s Tennessee Rye has the smooth character of our classic Tennessee Whiskey… but with an extra kick! For the bold, the daring, the ones who are always up for something new, give a gift that compliments their sense of adventure with Jack’s Tennessee Rye. The perfect accompaniment to this festive season, this aromatic blend of warm, peppery rye and full soft fruit captures the spirit of occasion in a bottle.

A bottle of Jack is a failsafe way to upgrade your festivities this Christmas. We’ve got something for every palate, so whoever you’re with, and however you’re sippin’ it, everyone can enjoy a smooth glass of Jack and make the moment count.

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NB: Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly.

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