Redesigning the Kitchen Space

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Open plan living has become a way of life and living spaces have transformed into multi-functional areas that allow for cooking, eating, entertaining and working. Creating a home that takes this into account is simple by combining functionality, aesthetics and comfort. One specific space is the heart of the home and the space where friends and family get together, share experiences and enjoy a richer quality of life – the kitchen.

“The emphasis in the kitchen is shifting from mundane to extraordinary,” says Michael McKechnie, Divisional Head: Digital Appliance Group at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “Appliances have often had a lacklustre image, but how things have changed. New kitchen appliances are not only functional and efficient than before, but also more beautiful and glamorous.”

Over the past three years, online searches for high-end ovens and fridges have increased enormously. There is a change in attitude towards appliances, now seeing them as desirable additions to the home rather than an unattractive, but needed addition to the kitchen. Samsung has focused on both style and efficiency in designing its range of kitchen appliances and as a result, they are in demand for both their aesthetics and functionality.

A superb example is the Samsung Chef Collection – professional high quality appliances designed to transform the kitchen into a beautiful living space while remaining practical. Home owners can now to invest in a product that fits seamlessly into their home’s design and create a space that is warm, inviting and multi-functional. The wide variety of appliances also gives people the opportunity to express their individual style in a way that wasn’t possible before.

“A well-designed kitchen is inviting to friends and family,” explains McKechnie. “By blending comfort with cooking and the bustle of the working area, families become more engaged and spend more quality time together. The kitchen has evolved into the heart of the home where people connect.”

Now, consumers see the kitchen as an extension of their own personal brand and want products that allow them to be creative and expressive. Samsung’s ranges offer multiple finishes and styles, further bolstered by cutting edge technology that creates a more intuitive and dynamic kitchen. Smart technologies transform appliances’ performance and functions – making life easier, adding value and enhancing your quality of life.

“People want flexibility and freedom of movement,” concludes McKechnie. “They aren’t satisfied with the stock standard when it comes to how they live and design their living spaces. Considering how much time is spent in the kitchen, it makes perfect sense to provide home owners with the tools they require to create open and inviting areas where they are able to entertain. This is only touching the surface of the kitchen’s potential. The more Samsung innovates, the more we will create a platform for consumers to put their unique stamp on their own spaces and explore new ways of living, because with Samsung you live a better life.”

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