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Proudly South African is delighted to announce its partnership with Amatyma wellness network in hosting a momentous event dedicated to celebrating and addressing the well-being of men in our country. The event aims to shed light on the physical, mental and financial wellness of men. Founded by social entrepreneur, TT Mbha during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amatyma is a wellness network that stands by responsible fathers, irrespective of their marital status, orientation, or circumstances, and holds a vital role in our society, given the alarming rise in male suicides.

According to the World Health Organisation’s report in 2019, out of the 13,774 suicides recorded in South Africa, a staggering 10,861 were men, translating to a rate of 37.6 per 100,000. These statistics underline the urgent need to address the well-being of men in our society. Proudly South African has thus partnered with Amatyma wellness network to mark their inaugural International Men’s Day celebration on November 19th, as we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of men’s wellness.

Happy MaKhumalo Ngidi, CMO of Proudly South African, expressed her enthusiasm regarding the partnership, stating, “I am truly elated to announce our partnership with Amatyma wellness network, a collaboration dedicated to celebrating and nurturing the well-being of men in our beloved nation. This endeavour aligns perfectly with Proudly South African’s mission to uplift our society, stimulate job creation, and promote local procurement. Together, we aim to inspire positive change and support the unsung heroes of our communities, our men. As well as use this collaboration as a touchpoint in reminding South African men in general that respectively, their purchasing decisions in favour of locally manufactured products and services is absolutely critical, concludes Ngidi”.

Throughout history, male-headed households have traditionally enjoyed higher incomes than their female counterparts, providing them with greater spending power across various consumer spending categories. It is imperative to extend support to men who bear the significant responsibility of providing for their families, especially in a nation grappling with high unemployment and crime rates. The economic challenges faced by the primary breadwinners in our society often lead to stress, potentially resulting in adverse effects on their mental health, including a heightened risk of suicide and uncontrolled outbursts.

A study conducted by the Health Systems Trust revealed that traditional gender roles that place men under the expectation of being providers and breadwinners often lead them to neglect their own emotions, causing them to suppress their feelings, ultimately contributing to mental health issues.

Hence, Proudly South African, entrusted with the mission to promote local procurement in both the public and private sectors, boost local production, and encourage consumers to choose locally manufactured goods and services, considers it crucial to partner with a wellness network like Amatyma. This partnership provides a platform to educate and guide consumers with purchasing power to make choices in support of our local products. As consumers with buying influence rally behind the localisation agenda, job opportunities can be created, alleviating the pressure on breadwinners, society, and the economy.

Proudly South African and Amatyma wellness network invite men to join us on November 18th and 19th as we unite in the pursuit of promoting men’s well-being and driving positive change in our society.