Product of the Year celebrates South African heritage with new categories

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Product of the Year, the world’s largest consumer-voted award, has announced the addition trial of select Heritage categories to its independent brand endorsement programme. This initiative is designed to celebrate iconic products that have become an intrinsic part of South African society.
Based on the results of the nation’s largest consumer survey, which rewards product innovation based on the endorsements of 5,000 consumers, Product of the Year has helped to guide consumers and help them find the best new products and services in specific markets, while also rewarding manufacturers for quality and innovation.
Preetesh Sewraj from Product of the Year South Africa, says that there are a number of deep-rooted, established South African brands and products make a positive impact on the lives of South African consumers.

“We exist to stimulate innovation and it is important to recognise the inspiration for some of the great innovation that is emerging today,” he explains. “South Africa has a strong history of innovation, which means that there are still iconic brands on shelf today that continue to offer consumers quality and value for money. We feel they deserve acknowledgement for impact on society and should still be considered by consumers at the point of purchase. This is why we have chosen to expand our footprint and explore the inclusion of a select few Heritage categories in the South African Product of the Year awards 2017.”

The Heritage award will initially include a number of categories in line with the established Product of the Year award categories. These may be drawn from everything in the FMCG space, from food, beverages, personal care, and household care, to other consumer segments such as electronics and white goods.

Sewraj explains that the research methodology used for this new category will ensure that the products considered for awards can truly be considered heritage and still impact positively on the life of consumers.

Once the selection has been made, the winners of each division will be able to use the unique and distinctive Product of the Year Heritage logo on their packaging and marketing, under licence for a period of 12 months.

For any heritage brand or established product manufacturer that is looking to reaffirm themselves as market leaders and remind consumers of their unique proposition, visit for more information.

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