Squeezing every ounce of joy out of your next holiday

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6 ways to make your next family holiday magically memorable


With the April school holidays on the horizon, now is the time to get cracking if you’re planning on going away. Being an expert in the holiday arena, Shaun Lamont (Managing Director of First Group Hotels and Resorts) says that his best and fondest childhood memories are of family holidays with his parents. “Time away with your family is a true investment in your memory bank, so by making regular deposits, you’ll ensure that the memories made are lasting, magical ones, that your kids will remember for a lifetime.”


Here are six ways to make your next holiday extra special:

1. Go somewhere new: 

If you usually go camping, why not consider a resort with all the bells and whistles? Many places are running amazing offers as the country emerges from its COVID slump, so it really is the ideal time to cash in on these specials. Get your kids involved in researching your intended destination ahead of time, which will also add to the thrill and anticipation of what’s to come (YouTube videos and Google image search are two great tools to use for this purpose).


2. Size doesn’t matter:

 Remember that your kids aren’t generally phased about whether you’re going on a big expensive trip, or one that’s kinder on your pocket. What matters most is that you build their excitement levels and get them involved in the planning from the start. By making a bucket list of things you’ll all want to do or see while there, is a great way to spread the joy of planning the trip.

3. Go with friends:

 It’s always more fun (and can often be cheaper) to go in a crowd, so why not gather a few friends to make it even merrier? Remember that your kids will have more fun if their friends are there too, so carefully plan which friends to invite.


4. Stay longer:

 It usually takes a few days to fully unwind, and often just as you start relaxing, it is time to go home. If your budget allows, extend your stay to reap the maximum benefit from your R and R.


5. Explore more: 

This doesn’t necessarily have to cost more money, but rather, think of new things to do – see more sights (you can do this from the car); try new activities (a hike is free); or try different foods that you would not usually eat. But do ensure that you also allow lots of time to just relax – you don’t need to be on the go all the time, and don’t underestimate the benefits of a day around the pool or at the beach.

6. Create a tradition:

 While it may be a little cheesy, you can have a lot of fun by creating a tradition linked to your family holidays. Perhaps consider always taking a photo at your holiday destination’s “Welcome sign”; or find a hidden gem of a restaurant to immerse yourself in the local cuisine; or buy a souvenir (like a fridge magnet which will be a constant reminder of the fun you had).

For great ideas of where to go to make these April holidays unforgettable for your kids, and to make some lasting, magical memories route, visit www.firstgroup-sa.co.za.