OneSpark is gaining global recognition and earning giant partnerships on the way

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OneSpark – the new age, globally backed InsureTech that’s completely re-inventing and disrupting
the global life insurance industry- is becoming a rising star in the insurance space, after receiving
numerous global accolades and being selected to join the exclusive Google Growth Program.
After completing a seed round in the millions of dollars at the end of 2020, that already put them in
the range of a select few South African start-ups, OneSpark has subsequently designed and launched
more than five new world-first Life Insurance products in less than 12 months.

Their relentless pac of innovation, and step-change nature of it, is quickly gaining OneSpark a reputation for its
innovation prowess. OneSpark’s latest product may have something to do with this. Their AI
Powered, Pay-As-You-Need, and Peer-to-Peer Life Insurance model is a first of its kind globally. This
product uses advanced tech and powerful AI to create a life insurance experience that is quick (less
than 10 seconds quick!), easy, and transparent (refreshingly so!).

“Our product reverses the traditional life insurance model. Instead of being incentivised not to pay
claims, like old life insurance, OneSpark simply takes a small fee to administer your policy. Plus,
whatever’s left over after paying claims and expenses, OneSpark simply returns to you in cash. This
means that, unlike traditional insurance, OneSpark is not in conflict with our customers and are
happy to pay claims fast and with no hassle.” Says Josh Kaplan, Founder and Joint CEO of OneSpark.
On the back of this powerful step-change in Life Insurance, OneSpark was recently awarded the
world’s most innovative company in Life Insurance for 2021 by Wealth and Finance International.
Additionally, their Joint CEO’s, Josh Kaplan and Greg Smith were recently honoured with the
prestigious award of being selected in the top 10 most Inspiring global CEOs that are making a
difference in 2021.

Exclusive google Growth Program

OneSpark was also recently selected by Google to join their exclusive Google Growth Program as one
out of only six Middle East and African companies that they see with enormous potential. This
powerful program, that has helped launch and accelerate some of the world’s most successful start-
ups, provides OneSpark with a dedicated team of Google experts to help accelerate their rapid
growth. “Partnering with a global giant like Google, provides us with an enormous opportunity to
accelerate our growth and realise our global ambitions faster.

We are immensely grateful to be a
part of this exclusive program, and we’re incredibly excited to be working with the brilliant team at
Google,” shares Greg Smith, Founder and joint CEO of OneSpark.
If these achievements are anything to go by, then OneSpark is a definite start-up to watch out for in
South Africa, and globally.
Check them out at for more information.
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