Omoda takes motoring luxury far into the future

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The much talked about Omoda C5 Crossover, the new entry in the ever growing SUV market, has finally
arrived in South Africa. The Omoda brand is owned by Chery, the Chinese automaker which is currently
reshaping motoring perceptions.
The C5, which was revealed back in 2021 at the Guangzhou Motor Show, is also the first model of
Omoda in SA and it is available at Chery dealers and selected dealerships around the country.
If you are wondering what Omoda means, wonder no more. O stands for Oxygen, representing life and
vitality while MODA represents the modern and style-conscious aspirations of the Omoda brand.
Modern technology in the design and every aspect of the manufacture is the main driver in the creation
of the Omoda vehicles, the C5 included, all for the sake of producing futuristic driving pleasure.
Chery South Africa executive deputy general manager Tony Liu top explains the thinking behind the
creation of Omoda cars: “Omoda is a new, modern and luxurious new vehicle brand that showcases
what can be done when a brand is not hindered by legacy technology or design.
“Every aspect of this range of products, from vehicle design, performance, technology and driving
pleasure, has been designed from a clean slate and will truly surprise and delight South African
Brand Expansion
In South Africa the range has been expanded from three to five trims after the introduction of Luxury and
Luxury S grades. Prior to the introduction of these new models, the Omoda C5 range consisted of the
Tech, Elegance and Elegance S models. The new Luxury and Luxury S grades slot in between the Tech
and Elegance ranges.
In terms of specifications and styling the new Luxury grade is similar to its Elegance siblings than to the
Tech model.
Both Luxury models have 18” precision cut alloy wheels with 215/55 tyres and red brake callipers. These
models also have the same stylish roof-mounted spoiler, LED running and brake lights and sunroof as
the top of the range model.
The Omoda C5 is a decently sized crossover SUV that qualifies for daily use family car. It shows off
Chery’s new “Art in Motion” design language boasting an integrated diamond matrix grille which is
flanked by split LED headlights and LED daytime running lights. From the side, the Omoda 5 takes on a
sporty stance with the roofline adopting a sloping, coupe-like silhouette. Sharp, angular taillight clusters
further add to the sporty look.

The luxuriously-finished interior continues to impress with 2 integrated and curved 10.25-inch high-
definition screens in a single panel reminiscent of Merc’s widescreen cockpit. The system will take care

of infotainment, comfort and driving needs. The Omoda C5 is also equipped with front sports seats.
Powering the new Omoda C5 Coupe Crossover is the 1.5-litre turbopetrol 4-cylinder from the Chery
Tiggo 4 Pro, but with a bit more power. The unit puts out 115 kW and 230 Nm of torque. A 1.6-litre
turbopetrol unit may become available later this year with 147 kW.
Top spec Omoda Elegance S models are equipped with adaptive cruise control, traffic alerts, automatic
emergency braking, forward collision warning, high beam assist, blind spot monitoring, rear cross
collision warning, lane departure warning and emergency lane keeping.
All models come standard with a 360 degree camera, wireless Android Auto and Apple carplay as well as
a wireless charging bay and 64 colours of ambient lighting within the cabin. More spec details will follow
C5 1.5T Tech R447 900

C5 1.5T Luxury R477 900
C5 1.5T Luxury S R479 900
C5 1.5T Elegance R507 900
C5 1.5T Elegance S R509 900

The Omoda C5 is sold with a 5-year/150 000 km warranty, a 5-year/70 000 km service plan and a first-
owner only 10-year/1 million km engine warranty.