Women in Stokvels – International Women’s Day Celebration

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Women have always been known for being excellent in managing household expenses, family budgets, and planning and saving for the future. This explains why women have always been successful in the world of stokvels.

Stokvels have created an opportunity for women coming from various backgrounds to save, invest and learn valuable financial skills. In recent years, stokvels have grown from just being savings societies to being powerful financial tools used to build wealth and venture into businesses. Stokvels such as property stokvels, farming stokvels, and franchise stokvels have gained popularity among aspiring investors who have realised the power of pooling funds.

Women in Stokvels will be celebrating International Women Day on the 6th March 2021 by hosting an online event featuring three remarkable women who have redefined what stokvels are and what more they can be, especially for women.

Keynote speakers:

  • Palesa Lengolo (Corporative Financial Institution (Bank) and Franchise Stokvel)
  • Silindile Leseyane (Property Stokvel)
  • Ellen Mokau (Farming Stokvel)

All women are welcome to attend this exciting event, whether they are actively in a stokvel or not. The ticket for the event can be purchased on Quicket for as little as R149, thereafter a link to join the event will be provided once payment is received.

You do not want to miss this one, there will be amazing giveaway prizes up for grabs so, save the date!