Loyiso is tapping into the olive oil market Inspired by the business acumen of his grandmother, Loyiso Manga made extra virgin olive oil his business.

Loyiso Manga, founder of the Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand. Photo: Supplied/StokvelTalk
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Loyiso Manga was raised in Erhini in the Eastern Cape, where he was surrounded by people with a passion for farming. His grandmother, in particular, sparked his enthusiasm for agriculture as well as for entrepreneurship.

“Growing up, my grandmother would make us assist with the business. She would go from station to station in order to sell goods such as meat, beans, and vegetables during the period when the social grant pension was still in effect in the villages,” he says.

Manga, who has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Helderberg College in the Western Cape, says that this is the reason he ended up starting his own business. He had worked at a number of firms before he started it, but at the end of the day, his passion for entrepreneurship won.

“I was brought up with the expectation that we would sell our goods, and the environment in which I was brought up shaped me to have a strong interest in farming and business.”

Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Manga started Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 2019. He explains that he was looking for a way into agriculture when he stumbled upon the benefits of olive oil.

“I was looking for a certain market in agriculture, so I went to a field and spoke with the farmer there. He told me about the olives he had. From that point on, I instantly connected with some of the health advantages olive oil offers, such as a decrease in high blood pressure. As a result, the Ubuntu brand was formed in 2019.”

Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a boutique brand, with a multitude of health benefits. This, Manga says, is what drew him to the product.

The benefits of olive oil are many and include healthy skin, as it is high in vitamins E, A, D and K. It is also touted as a good scalp and hair moisturiser.

“Apply some extra virgin oil to your hair, particularly if your hair is damaged from hairstyles or maybe damaged from hair treatments. Extra virgin olive oil repairs that.”

He explains that the product is also beneficial for people with heart conditions and cancer as it boosts the immune system.

“There are people who came to get Ubuntu Extra Virgin Oil who were dealing with high blood pressure and diabetes, but the results, as of today, are wonderful.”

Right now, Manga says that he is focusing hard on acquiring funding. His next goal is to get Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto the shelves of South Africa’s major supermarket chains.

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