LAYAWAY™ connects brands and consumers with flexible payment option

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LAYAWAY™ is a save now, buy later
platform that enables consumers to purchase products and services via its
vibrant marketplace ( while removing the traditional
barriers of credit and lay-by purchases. Consumers who are not eligible for
loans or are eligible for partial loans use LAYAWAY™ as a convenient method
to acquire assets.

“CliqueFin has considered the high unemployment rate, the significant pool
of the self-employed that do not have financial profiles, the escalating
cost of living and high debt level to create a platform that takes
products, services, and opportunities to this market in an assured and
responsible manner,” explains Tony Reddy CliqueFin CEO.

The lay-by method to purchase goods is at an all-time high because of the
stressed economic landscape of South Africa. One must consider the
unnecessary costs and risks involved with this transaction type that the
consumer bears. For example, the cost of travel must be added to the cost
of the transaction, sometimes up to 10%, as consumers need to get to the
store where they initiated the transaction each month to pay toward the
item. Another risk and stress point that needs to be considered is that
high-value goods require a high monthly settlement over a specific time.
The consumer is liable for the loss when they cannot fulfil this obligation.

Flexibility is key for the aspirational consumer

The goal of the LAYAWAY™ platform is to offer maximum flexibility and a
seamless shopping experience. Users are fully in control of their funds and
benefit from a no-minimum payments threshold, being allowed to pay when
they can via interest-free transactions, without punitive cancellation fees
and they may access credit to complete the purchase.

“Traditional ways of doing business have been fundamentally disrupted and
the digital economy has become a fixture of our world and the way people
transact. LAYAWAY™ bridges the gap between brands and the mass consumer
market digitally and with flexibility that suits the individual,” concludes