Launching a business during lockdown:Indica Leggings: Value-based Prints to Inspire young girls

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“When I read a statistic that between the ages 8 -1 4 years old a young girl’s self-esteem falls by 30% – I was moved to act”. – Raelene Clarke
As the world tries to make sense of the Covid_19 madness (lockdown, homeschool, social distancing etc.), Raelene Rorke Clarke, Former Miss SA Teen and South African entrepreneur, now living in Hong Kong and mother of 3, is doing what may seem counter intuitive, using her time in lockdown to launch a new business, Indica.
Indica has been an idea that Raelene has been kicking around for the last two years in between having kids and finally, during lockdown, she was able to give it the energy and focus it required to get it off the ground.
The hope is that Indica, will not only play its part in the post-covid_9 economy kickstart, but will do an even bigger job – inspiring confidence in young girls during one of their most vulnerable life stages, preteens.
Inspired by her 3 girls (Nylah, Quinn and Liya (@Clarke_sister_love_collection ) and their love for leggings, Raelene is setting out to build a leggings brand that inspires confidence in young girls, through their prints.
Raelene reflecting about where the idea comes from: “I come from a country, South Africa, where my biggest heroes and inspirations are people who weren’t necessarily helped by the system, but instead, had to dig deep and lead themselves toward their vision. The qualities of self-belief and hard work are ones that I respect and have always vowed to pass down to my children. So, when I read the statistic that between the ages 8 -1 4 years old a young girl’s self-esteem falls by 30% – I was moved to act.
I asked myself the question: “How could I empower my girls to wear their self-belief, confidence and kindness every single day as they navigate daily challenges? As a mother, the idea of any my girls not having the confidence to stand in their unique light is devastating.
The one thing they do wear almost every day, however, are leggings. So, what if they had the confidence, bravery and sisterly love reminders wrapped around their legs as they ran around all day? and that’s where the idea of value-based prints was born”
Indica makes charcoal bamboo leggings with meaningful prints, focused on 3 key values:

* Confidence (the shooting star)
* Bravery (the moon)
* Sisterly Love (the heart)
Two other important aspects of the leggings are the fabric (Charcoal bamboo) and fit.
Bamboo is softer and stronger than cotton, it’s UV protecting, hypoallergenic and quick drying. And because bamboo charcoal fiber contains metal elements such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, it is believed to have health benefits.
In terms of fit, Raelene has spent a lot of time understanding the “fit-needs” of growing girls of different sizes – the adjustable waistband also empowers the girls to achieve the perfect fit.
Through their Kickstarter campaign (launching 22 May), Indica is raising US$15 000, which will be used to produce the first 1 500 leggings and matching sports bra’s.
Indica will be donating 10% of profits to NGO’s who focus on the empowerment of less fortunate girls – before launching their own girl empowerment foundation.

This is clearly more than a fashion business, it’s an example of the wholistic impact that entrepreneurship can have on our generation.

So, while lockdown has been full of Netflix, baking and conference calls -it’s great to see that some energy has been used for venture creation – a necessary post covid_19 economic recovery activity.

Contact details:
Raelene Clarke, +852 674 668 37

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