Five Tavern Owners Win Big for Their Responsible Beverage Services Excellence.

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At the back of Covid-19 that saw many liquor outlets in the townships close down due to business challenges that came with the pandemic, 5 outlets received the much-needed financial relief towards the upgrade of their establishments. These outlets were part of the 44 outlets that fully completed an intensive Phuza Ka Tyming Responsible Beverage Service training by Ab InBev in partnership with SANCA National. The training was over a period of months with the objective to teach liquor traders responsible selling habits. A first of its kind, the Phuza Ka Tyming training brought about a collective effort towards the same goal between the community, JMPD, SAPS, the Gauteng liquor board, and these business owners in trying to solve issues that contribute to the abuse of alcohol in Alexandra. As part of the training, they were imparted with skills to keep their establishments as good places of safety for their patrons, not serving alcohol to under aged youth, pregnant women, and over intoxicated people. The Gauteng Liquor Board and the MEC of Economic development pledged their support towards township economy and showed their support towards the program.
Prior to the start of the project, SANCA carried an environmental scan where they went into the trade to understand and assess the conditions of these outlets’ safety and security, Covid compliance, attitude and service towards underage youth as well as pregnant women to name just a few elements. This work became groundwork towards which the project aimed to improve. “Safety concerns were raised by the stakeholders of law enforcement during focus groups, the workshops with the liquor traders and circle dialogues and we have seen all outlet types improved in this area post the training. Bottle stores improved by 15% while taverns improved on safety by 12%” Adrie Vermeulen (SANCA National Coordinator).

The prize winners have demonstrated the most growth in the program through best implementation of their tools shared in the training. The first prize went to…. to the value of R100 000 while the lowest prize was to the value of R20 000.

The program has been a great success, not only in terms of learning for all of us and implementing through the most difficult period for liquor traders, as they navigated business challenges brought by Covid-19; great success is seen through the post end-line scan assessment which shows great improvements across. This is an indication of the resilience of businesses who do business the correct way, said Thoko Budaza, the Ab inBev Foundation Program Manager.
Both the Ab inBev Foundation and SAB will continue to help liquor traders to embed the Phuza Ka Tyming message to their patrons as the first point of call responsible drinking ambassadors.