DStv Communities: Communal viewing for constituted stokvels in Mzansi

Reading Time: 2 minutes

South Africa has excelled in the world of stokvels, with many kinds of stokvels being introduced over the years. DStv has now introduced DStv Communities, which enables communal viewing for constituted stokvels, this particular subscription package was launched in September 2020. DStv Communities aims to unlock a new world of entertainment while allowing for customers to save on subscriptions and earn rebates.

DStv Communities offers actively qualifying stokvels, social clubs and burial societies the option to sign up together. Individual DStv members also have the option to sign up as a group and each member still has the option of choosing their own DStv package and can access their own statements and will have access to the DStv Self Service functionality.

The DStv offering is available to groups that have been in existence for one year and with a minimum of ten members. The group should identify a designated administrator who will be responsible for compiling all members’ DStv subscription details to apply for a DStv Communities account. The administrator’s responsibilities also include onboarding new customers and collecting subscription fees.

Once all group members agree to sign up for the DStv Communities package, they will be required to complete an onboarding form and submit their member list and details. The group constitution will be amended to include the mutual decision to subscribe for DStv Communities and upon approval an account will be created.

DStv Communities is the only subscription package that allows for members to earn rebates. Rebates are earned based on the number of active customers, the number of active days and the usage of other value-added products such as BoxOffice rentals and/or Decoder Insurance. Monthly rebate statements are issued to the group in order to assist in keeping track of their performance. The rebate is paid as a cash back every six months.