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It’s time to trade the business plan for a training plan as 14 000 runners prepare to hit the streets of Joburg for the annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® on 28 March.
Entries for the 5.6-kilometre race starting at the Wanderers Club have already closed as corporate teams of runners and walkers quickly signed up for this highly popular race, which forms part of the global J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge series celebrating teamwork, camaraderie and community spirit through the corporate sector.
For the sixth consecutive year, Johannesburg, one of 13 cities worldwide hosting this event is partnering with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation uses sport to promote social change through its many projects in South Africa.
The 2018 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge saw 323 companies represented in what has become one of the business world’s most beloved events.
But as any successful company will attest to, planning is critical to success. And your team’s success in this year’s race starts with a decent marketing plan. That’s going to require a few acquisition costs on your behalf, but the long-term investment will reap handsome rewards.

Sole Trader

Starting from the ground up, shoes are an important element of your team’s success. These will be your biggest operating expenses on the day, so invest wisely. Buy yours from a reputable running store where you can get expert advice on the type of shoes that matches your running style. But beware. Don’t get too caught up in the technology. It’s still just a shoe. You’re basically looking to get that fine balance between return on investment and over capitalisation.
An insider’s tip if you suffer from blisters is to wear two pairs of good quality running socks – first a very thin pair and then a thicker pair over this.

Asset Stripping

Whatever you wear, keep it light. March is still perfect Joburg weather and it’s not yet time to throw on beanies, gloves and jackets that will just weight you down and overheat you, leaving you with the age-old problem of unbundling.
Even the most affordable running kit out there these days is highly specialised and built to keep you cool and comfortable.
A light jacket to put on after your race is really all that you need. It’s that simple.
Anything else – compression socks included – is purely personal choice.

Dividend Yield

It’s a social race, right? But c’mon, you’re a business giant. Everything is a competition!
Tech and sweat have become the favourite merger of our generation. There are enough fitness devices out there to make sure you log your kilometers, count your calories and get those points. And then sync to your heart (rate’s) content.
But beware of the irrational exuberance of over investing in technology you don’t need. A basic GPS device – even your phone – is good enough to start with.
And while music clearly boosts athletic performance, ditch the earphones for this one. The whole point is that you are part of a team and celebrating a spirit of community. You can’t share in that when Jay-Z is screaming in your ears.

Stay Liquid

Sure, it’s only 5.6 kilometers. But keep a water bottle on you to avoid your industrial output pushing you into negative equity.
You’re highly unlikely to dehydrate over such a short distance, and with a race run in the evening. But you may want something on hand just to sip on.
This element of your race is basically supply and demand – if you’re thirsty, drink. If you’re not, don’t. Simple as a balance sheet.
That’s the basic strategy, now it’s just up to you and your team to put in the hard yards and lace up for the “Business meets Sports” merger that’s about to hit the streets of Joburg on the 28th of March.

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