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With the global trends moving towards day
time entertainment, development entrepreneur Damian Michaels today
officially announced his latest world class venture – party venue /
restaurant *Altitude Beach Club* set to open this November.
Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg traffic, this hidden
gem is intimately tucked away next to the newly renovated Fourways Mall. The
Altitude Beach Club is set to be Joburg’s hottest premium water-front
dining and lifestyle venue this side of the equator.
A destination for luxury and exclusivity.
Having changed the face of entertainment in Pretoria over the past two
years, the Altitude Group influenced by the night life that defines Ibiza,
Dubai and Miami, has now set its eyes on the streets of Egoli. Best known
for combining Rooftop Sunsets with Cold Champagne and Top DJs, alongside a
culinary coalition on top of Sun Internationals Times Square Casino, their
franchise format will be flipped on its head with the birth of this Joburg
undertaking.Situated in the heart of the north, this breath-taking water wonderland will
offer thee ultimate summer experience loaded with luxury and indulgence in
true Ibiza style.
*“The climate in Johannesburg is consistent with the top cities in the
world when it comes to warmer conditions. The time is now right to bring
the brand to my backyard. Traditionally Cape Town has played host to these
kind of venues but the 10 month outdoor friendly weather patterns were a no
brainer for me”* stated ex Jeppe Boy High graduate / mastermind Damian
Michaels and also added, *“ Johannesburg is indeed Africa’s engine room and
the next generation expect nothing but the best – something our Team
constantly thrives on delivering. Creating a unforgettable experience
within our venues requires a balance of great food, flawless service and a
desert of even better Music – we bring you Altitude Beach Club.”*


The fine dining offering features a delectable modern menu set to serve
over 800 people either in a corporate or party environment. This
includes a sophisticated,
state-of-the-art, stand-alone Sushi / Oyster bar.


An endless selection of Premium drinks and luxury cocktails will be
available from their world-class bartenders and mixologists at the various
bars throughout the venue.


The ‘Owner ‘s Pit’ situated at the centre of the venue offers a supreme VIP
experience while several sunbeds will be strategically placed in the
various zones throughout the venue.


After dark The Altitude Beach Club really comes alive with music by some of
SA’s finest DJ’s and artists on specific parties nights. Lunchtime sessions
offer a vibrant mix of slow house music and old classics.

Opening this November, this sleek and suave venue can host just under 1500

Stay tuned to their social media handles to get the latest updates and find
out how you can be a part of this exclusive world.

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