Mitsubishi expands the value of the new-look Xpander

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Mitsubishi vehicles do not have any known deflating shortcomings and yet for the longest time in South
Africa this brand has not enjoyed massive support. The reason is simplicity. Yes, in other words the
makers of Mitsunishi have always prioritised reliability and easy driving ahead of exceptional looks, in a
typical old fashioned Japanese outlook towards life.
However, all that has changed for Mitsubishi, thanks to the emergence of its good-looking SUV models,
the Xpander included. It is not revolutionary change because the good, strong points of reliability, comfort

and motoring with loads of peace of mind are still all there. The radical change is in the design, ultra-
modern andf hugely and attractive.

Updated standard features
The new Mitsubishi Xpander takes these new qualities to a higher level. The seven-seater multi-purpose
vehicle (MPV) which loves carrying families and friends to places, boasts new body features in its
design. The SUV-style front now comes with T-shaped headlamps, more pronounced LED daytime
running lights. The rear is nicely updated through new LED taillights .
The Xpander, if you can excuse the pun, has expanded as its ride height has been raised by 20mm for a
total of 225mm. The inclusion of new 16-inch alloy for the manual and 17-inch alloys for the automatic
model is largely responsble for this higher ride.
The expansion is not in the way of the height only as the Xpander body length has grown 120mm from
the previous model.
Among the good things that has been reatined in the latest model is the Xpander’s 5.2-metre turning
circle, and this still makes this stunning Mitsubishi MVP one of the easier vehicles to manoeuvre in its

More design cool design updates are in the seats. The second row now has a centre armrest and an
updated rear cooler, which now allow everyone to benefit from the multi-zone automatic air conditioning
with overhead vents.
All windows on the MVP are now electronic, too, and every seat row has access to 120-watt power
sockets and under-seat storage compartments.

The driver now enjoys a multifunction steering wheel and can control all the windows as they are now all
electrified. Acces to an infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a rearview
camera, cannot be taken for granted.
There was nothing that needed urgent adjustment under the bonnet, so the new Xpander retains the 1.5-
litre petrol engine which gives the MPV a decent power output of 77kW and 141Nm.
The manual MPV, with its five-speed gearbox, yields a fuel consumption return of 6.7l/100km from its
front wheel drive mode, which are decent figures in these tough times of high prices of fuel.
Fuel consumption for the four-speed automatic version is not shabby at all, at the average 7.0l/100km on
a combined cycle.
The new Mitsubishi Xpander looks great, and performs exceptional well. Apart from all-rownd comfort for
the driver and their passengers, the Xpander offers great cargo capabilities thanks to its foldable seats.
Through very light and efficient driving, the Xpander is a car for all seasons – for local purposes and
getaways. It is decently priced for a vehicle of its class and capabilities.

Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5l manual R329,995
Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5l auto R349,995
The prices include a 3-year/100,000km manufacturer’s warranty and a 2-year/30,000km service plan.