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Mbongeni Ngema will release his new EP titled Thina Bant’ Abamnyama on 16 June 2023 to
coincide with Youth Day celebrations. The EP is produced by the maestro himself and he is
featuring young upcoming artists.
The EP has four tracks and the first track titled Thina Bant’ Abamnyama is a cry from the Black
people of this country, the African race. As a well-known voice of the voiceless Mbongeni
Ngema is once again challenging the present government that they are not doing anything for
the destitute masses of our country. They only remember the poorest of the poor when it is
time to campaign for elections by sending them food parcels. They live in horrible shacks with
no electricity. They still use candles and paraffin stoves and the imikhukhu catch fire and burn
in cold winters. The only time we see politicians visit such areas is during campaigning periods.
Thina Bant’ Abamnyama will set tongues wagging as it might ruffle some feathers amongst
some political leaders in government. The song is sure to be a hit amongst the despondent
and frustrated people of South Africa as it directly speaks to their frustrations about the
government and other reprehensible things happening in the country at the moment. Thina
Bant’ Abamnyama will definitely be a hit, it is a sing-along that is going to get South Africa
This EP has everything for everyone, the other three tracks are Africa, Sekunzimanyana, and
God Bless the Music. Africa is a song about our land that was stolen by the white settlers
starting in 1652 whilst Sekunzimanyana is a song about lost love and God bless the Music is
a celebration of the gift that God gave us in our music
Mbongeni Ngema needs no introduction to the music scene. He is Mzansi’s iconic theatre
playwright, director, actor, music producer and singer. Who can ever forget his hits like Stimela
SaseZola, Woza My Fohloza, Freedom is Coming Tomorrow and many more? Ngema
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became more popular for his Broadway hit musical, Sarafina! which was later adapted to a
film featuring stars like Miriam Makeba, Whoopi Golberg, Dr John Kani and Leleti Khumalo.
“I was sitting with some of my friends from the hostel discussing what is happening in the
country currently. Hearing those men’s frustrations about the leadership, loadshedding and
other issues affecting the country, drove me to work on Thina Bant’ Abamnyama. At this day
and age, I never thought I would still be writing songs about the struggles of the black people.
South Africans are frustrated and feel betrayed by their own leaders.” says Mbongeni Ngema.
The EP coincidentally comes at a time when Sarafina! the movie has just screened at the
Cannes Festival for the second time which was a first for a South African film. The release of
Thina Bant’ Abamnyama on June 16 is no coincidence. In South Africa, June 16 and Sarafina!
have become synonymous, it is therefore befitting to release Thina Bant’ Abamnyama on this
historic day as it speaks to the struggles of South Africans just like Sarafina!.
Thina Bant’ Abamnyama will be officially launched at Mbongeni Ngema’s upcoming musical
extravaganza, BLACK which will take place at the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace
on 14-17 September 2023. This EP will be released on all streaming platforms like Apple
Music, Spotify, Deezer and others on Friday, 16 June 2023.