Man Up in the Man Cave at the Big Rand Show 2016

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The Rand Show, Joburg’s BIGGEST day out, gives dads and lads several great reasons to retreat into the Man Cave this Easter. The Rand Show’s new destination for guys is sure to keep the boys well occupied this holiday season.
The Man Cave at #randshow has a Sporting Legends stage, round-the-clock pool competitions with great prizes, plus a festival of motoring. 25 March to 3 April, Nasrec.

Cuesportfever is holding round-the-clock pool competitions and challenges on ten tables, as well as two tournaments where the prize is custom-made, one-of-a-kind pool tables.
There’s a Sporting Legends stage with daily guest appearances by local sporting luminaries, and improve your swing at the golf simulator.
For car lovers, the Rand Show has put together a collection of desirable rides, from classic American cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s, Ford Mustangs and exotic sports cars, to classic motorcycles, British collectibles and the Cobra-like Backdraft.
And while it’s too loud to be inside the Man Cave, the Fueled Fanatics Arena on Terrace 2 promises more man-friendly entertainment with its car sound and performance competitions, and displays of street racers, exotics, and car audio and performance cars.
Challenges happen round the clock for 10 days. Win-a-pool-table tournament on 28 March and 3 April.
Rand Show visitors can take their place at the pool table for a number of exciting pool challenges, plus a tournament where they can pit themselves against the big boys of pool in the quest to win one of two special-edition home pool tables for their own man cave.
Cuesportfever, which brought the prestigious 2014/2015 Billiard Premier Leagues Showdown to visitors at last year’s Rand Show, will this year hold round-the-clock pool competitions and games in its pool exhibition and entertainment zone in the Rand Show’s Man Cave (Hall 5).
There will be 10 pool tables in action, so come and challenge family, friends and other Rand Show visitors in games like the Strong Man Pool Challenge, Challenge-a-Champion, and speed pool, with various prizes and giveaways from Cuesportfever up for grabs.
Then come put your skills to the test in a tournament to win a special-edition home pool table, sponsored by the Rand Show. The tables, made by Union Billiards, the oldest and most prestigious pool table brand in South Africa, each have a unique design on their body, making them a one of a kind. Register at the Cuesportfever pool zone before 11h00 on Monday, 28 March, for the first knock-out tournie that will run until closing time at 19h00. Or register before 11h00 on Sunday, 3 April, and take your chances against the premier leaguers who’ve been invited to compete that day.
Throughout the duration of the show, visitors will be entertained by Cuesportfever’s flamboyant MC, Rick Schoenlank, and two-time SA pool champion Juanaine Nicholas, while NSM Jukebox, the leaders in jukebox equipment in SA, will ensure there’s a great vibe to go with all those clicking balls. The pros will also be on hand to answer questions and give visitors tips on how to improve their game.
All 10 days
The Sporting Legends stage in the Man Cave will have daily guest appearances by local sporting luminaries, as well as sports clinics and nutrition talks.
All 10 days
The Rand Show’s Man Cave brings visitors exotic cars, powerful bikes and the latest trends in collectible motoring, plus the chance to win a half-million-rand V8 sports car.
Headlining this display of big boys’ toys is a collection of massive American V8s, extremely rare collectibles from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, including Plymouths, Cadillacs, and a Chevrolet Impala. At the other end of the classic Americana spectrum is an array of spectacular Cobras, one of which – the glorious Backdraft 4,0-litre V8, valued at R500 000 – will be up for grabs. The Backdraft, built in Durban, is rated as the finest Cobra replica in the world, and thousands of them have been shipped to America for sale. Competition tickets costing R200 can be purchased at the Backdraft exhibition stand. All proceeds go to charity.
From muscle cars to classic sports cars, come and see the top-end Aston Martin DB6 and a roadster version of a Series 1 Jaguar E-Type. Not quite as sporty, but no less classic, is a display of classic Minis replicating a Monte Carlo Rally service area, and classic MGs. To this add a display of classic air-cooled Volkswagens, from the first split-window 1950s Beetle through the famous and hugely collectible split-window Kombis, to Karmann Ghias, VW variants and the last in the line of Beetles that appeared in 1978.
Classics then make way for the new boys: South Africa’s 2016 Car of the Year, the Volvo XC90, will be on display, as well as an amazing chopped Toyota Land Cruiser in low-rider format, clearing the pavement by just a few millimetres.
And wrapping up the four-wheeled line-up is a special karting display by champion female kart racer Fabienne Lanz, who is running a special development programme for young karters this year. These tiny machines are amazingly quick for their size.
Then it’s on to speed machines of the two-wheeled variety. The Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Clubs’ joint display will include some seriously historic motorcycles dating back to the early 20th century. A total of 10 classic motorcycles is expected, charting the amazing progress that motorcycles have made in the past 120 years.
Then come and meet the Joburg enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to a unique style of motorcycle called “Bobbers”. These bikes are based on Harley Davidson frames but run big fat wheels and no mudguards, pre-dating the chopper look. There will be at least five of these bikes on display, all of them hand-built by local enthusiasts.
And last but certainly not least are the modern classic Indian and Victory V-Twin bikes which will provide a beautiful dressed-up contrast to the bare-bones machines.
From 10h00 on 26-28 March, and 2-3 April
While not located in the Man Cave itself (this attraction is simply too loud!), the Fueled Fanatics Arena on Terrace 2 is something no self-respecting man-cave dweller should miss.
In the Fueled Fanatics Arena, the world of street racing will meet the world of heavy bass sound. Here, car sound and performance junkies will battle it out in various competitions, while motorised trike drifting, BMX and skateboard trix, graffiti artists, flash mobs, and hip-hop dancers ensure the vibe never stops.
For 17 years, Sound-off Solutions has hosted the IASCA format of car sound and performance challenges. This year, the new kid on the block, the International Auto Sound Challenge Association of South Africa (USACI SA), supported by Speed & Sound magazine, will give car sound and performance junkies a second platform where they can compete for top honours.
On both weekends of the Rand Show, the Fueled Fanatics Arena will present a number of competitions.
The Easter weekend is dedicated to sound and performance challenges.
• From 10h00 on Saturday, 26 March, there’s the Sound Quality Format, where competitors compete on the sound clarity, creativity and precision of their sound system’s installation.
• From 14h00 on Saturday, 26 March, is the popular SPL competition format: Street Beats. Street Beats pits competitor against competitor to find who has the best-sounding and loudest sound system, while playing real music tracks.
• From 10h00 on Sunday, 27 March, there is the USACI SA SPL format. This sound pressure level competition is all about volume; whoever’s car audio system can crank out the loudest sound in decibels wins.
• From 14h00 on Sunday, 27 March, there’s a second chance to compete in the Street Beats format.
• And finally, on Family Day on Monday, 28 March, there’s the Dyno Challenge, where cars go onto the rollers attached to Sound-off Solutions dynamometer, which measures exactly what kilowatts, torque and speed a vehicle can put out.
The weekend of 2-3 April is for the Autostyle Show & Shine format, which judges cars on the modifications and enhancements to the engine and the vehicle itself. Divisions include the mild and wild divisions all the way through to the wreck of the day.
Throughout this weekend, the Low Limbo competition will also set out to find the Rand Show’s lowest ride, hoping to find an answer to the question: “How low can you go?”
On top of the competitive formats, some of South Africa’s finest car audio and performance cars will be on display, as well as displays of the meanest and most modified rides from street racers to exotics.
Daily, at 12h00 and 14h30
Athletes from the No Limits Trampoline Club will do displays in the Man Cave throughout the Rand Show. There will be daily displays on Olympic-standard trampolines by current national champions and up-and-coming gymnasts, who’ll bounce and flip from trampoline to trampoline. On the weekends, current Protea trampolinist Lucky Radebe, who is ranked 7th in the world, will join the display group to do some breathtaking stunts and tricks.

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