Lovelife Leadership Academy launches to reduce unemployment among young people and drive social change

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loveLife, South Africa’s national youth leadership development organisation, is proud to announce the launch of the loveLife Leadership Academy. The fundamental reason behind the establishment of the Academy is to empower young people to achieve their potential of greatness by providing them with the opportunity of investing in their futures through various programme interventions offered in the Academy thus bridging the skills gap between school leaving and job placement.
The loveLife Leadership Academy has been established as a public benefit organisation, with the aim of providing South African youth with accredited trainings and other self-development skills programmes to assist in curbing youth transition challenges they face from schooling to further education, employment and/or entrepreneurship. As a social enterprise institution, the Academy will plough back profit generated through training interventions into loveLife’s social impact programming.
The Academy follows stringent quality assurance standards to offer its learners innovative skills and education in the fields of business management, financial management, entrepreneurship and personal development.

The institution engages with young people as agents of their own success; as innovative, capable citizens with the potential to input wisely, innovatively, creatively and responsibly to the public realm.
Young people who have enrolled in the Academy can also sign up for its Youth Leadership and Workplace Integration Training Programme, where they will be trained on work ethics and the importance of professionalism in the working environment, while also benefiting from practical work experience to boost their career paths. Integrated into this initiative are workshops to sensitise employers to the passion, power, energy and innovation that youth can unleash if given an opportunity with adequate guidance.

“It is crucial to develop young people as an alternative narrative for the progressive future of our country – one where despite the very real challenges they face and the social dangers they encounter, they flourish as active, innovative and catalytic agents to shape our shared future,” says Treaty Moshoeshoe, the Managing Director of the loveLife Leadership Academy.

The Academy employs a workforce of 11 permanent employees and over 100 freelance facilitators to enable the delivery of quality trainings throughout South Africa. Industry-oriented facilitators have been appointed to ensure that programming is aligned to industry needs. The impact of the Academy in uplifting young people, communities, and indeed, our nation, is sure to be realised for many years to come.
In launching the Academy, loveLife will be hosting breakfast briefings in Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

These launches have various objectives including:
• Introducing corporate South Africa to an approach to training that doesn’t only provide compliance recognition but one that rewards them with visible social impact made by their contribution.

loveLife is encouraging corporates and government to invest in the Academy and contribute to delivering sustainable solutions to tackling numerous societal challenges, including poverty, unemployment, gender-based violence and crime. If readers/listeners would like to support the Academy, they can send an email to Treaty Moshoeshoe on or (011) 262 0232.

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