Loki Rothman, SAMA nominee: worked his way to the top

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He was patient and focused on his passion from the beggining. He started playing guitar at the age of 11 and he also waited for his time as he travelled the world as Jack Parow’s guitarist, reached SA’s Got Talent’s top 6 in 2009, worked with the likes of Die Antwoord and Toya Delazy, had hit singles chart on radio and would own 32 string instruments – anything from a banjo to a lap steel. Today is not a suprise when Loki Rothman gets nomination in the Best Pop album category. He worked his way up to the top and will be competing against the talented individuals like Tressor, Vincent Bones Lakota Silva and Can Skylark. ” When i happen to win the award on saturday, will dedicate it to my father who supported me from the beginning. At some point he could drive me to shows without even complaining”. Next month Loki will be going to overseas for some tours to promote his music and he urges his supporters to follow him on social media to get updates for his performances.

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