LG debuts the G5, its first ever modular smartphone

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LG Electronics (LG) unveiled its highly anticipated LG G5 smartphone. A brand new design with not only a sleek, metal unibody featuring a Slide-out battery but also a Modular Type design that gives a greater smartphone experience. Complete with LG Friends, a collection of companion devices, the G5 can be transformed into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player and more.
Encased in a sleek metal aluminium body and slide-out battery to easily swap out a depleted battery for a fully charged one in seconds, the LG G5 surpasses the visual experience of its predecessor, the LG G4.

First, the G5’s 135-degree wide angle lens lets you choose between a standard or wide angle lens to get more in the shot. Second, the Always-on Display makes notifications just a glance away with the time, date and more available anytime without waking the G5. Third, the 3D Arc Glass featured in the smartphone’s 5.3-inch display creates a gentle curve and a smooth colourful metal surface through an advanced micronizing pro-cess which takes anodized aluminium to a whole new level.

Furthermore, the insulated antenna is invisibly integrated into the body without disrupting the seamless look of the metal unibody. LG designers took the metal body concept one step further by adding a Shiny Cut edge for added contrast and a more comfortable grip.

LG’s First Modular Type Smartphone
LG’s innovative Modular Type design gives the LG G5 the ability to transform into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player and more all while keeping its traditional removable battery in a full metal unibody design for the first time ever.

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