Last Fighter standing 4-nations Championship hits our shores

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The exciting new all-styles martial-arts hand-to-hand combat tournament Last Fighter Standing comes to our shores with its all-action climax, the LFS SA National Cham-pionship 2016. Not only national, but we’re going international! The LFS 4-Nations Championship 2016 will hit the Ticketpro Dome on the same fortuitous date of 15 Octo-ber.

The incredibleSA National Last Fighters Standing, in 4 divisions, will be fighting it out for a share of the R1 million in prize. Fans can look forward to a Vegas style night of mind blowing entertainment, including a performance by chart toppers and firm SA favourites, Micasa, as well as many more.

“This is a night not to be missed, something that is not just geared towards fight fans but an evening filled with entertainment, international Super fights and big KO’s” – Quinton Van Der Burgh

Another groundbreaking component to the event is that unlike other fights, the Women’s Fights’prizes are equal to men. A very much overdue development, that places LFS way ahead of the pack when it comes to the Fight for equality.

The CEO of LFS, businessman and media entrepreneur Quinton van der Burgh, has combined the exciting new LFS platform with a reality TV show and charity initiatives in partnership with Generosity Water.

Four exciting international heavyweight fight superstars will also be competing for the LFS 4-Nations title on 15 October.

These International Fighting Superstars are considered the vanguard of this New World Sport. The 4 Nations Championship is arguably the bout with the highest level of prestige on the globe when it comes down to the wire. You don’t want to miss seeing these four nations collide in this intensely competitive fight.

All International fighters will be flying in to OR Tambo and their arrival times and dates are as follows:
• On 10 October 2016, at 07:05 – Alain Ngalani who will be representing China.
• On 10 October 2016, at 10:30 – Sergej Maslobojev who will be representing Russia and his corner: Andrius Sipaila (Russia), Aleksejs Kosobokovs (Russia).
• On 10 October 2016, at 16:30 – Danyo Ilungawho will be representing Germany, and his corner Asmir Burgic (Germany).
• On 11 October 2016 at 10:00 – Peter Graham who will be representing Australia.
• On 13 October 2016 Remy Bonjasky (Corner for Sergej who is representing Germany).
Obviously you’ll want to see the raw fighting energy landing at OR Tambo. This is a once-in-a-lifetime! You won’t want to miss the stars of the International Super Fights.

Why Last Fighter Standing kicks butt:
• Semi-finals: 3 x 2-minute rounds.
• Finals: determined by 5 x 2-minute rounds.
• Fast-paced 2-minute rounds ensure that fighters deliver a more explosive perfor-mance with more KOs and more spectacular grappling.
• 10-second no-time-wasting rule to keep fighters pushing forward.
• Equal opportunities and equal purse sizes for men and women.
• Hexagon-shaped ring with no cage gives fans a 360-degree view of the action. Cameras mounted at every corner.
• No time-wasting rule.
• A ground-and-pound limit of 20 seconds on the ground. Then fighters must get back to their feet.
• The carefully defined rules of LFS draw on the history and complexity of martial arts and how they have evolved across the world. The rules provide fighters from all fighting styles, from single-discipline pugilists to combination fighters, with an equal platform and the opportunity to showcase their combat skills, style and stamina.

Generosity Water fact file

Last Fighter Standing sponsor Generosity Water uses a sustainable business model that uplifts poor communities worldwide, with a concept that sees every bottle sold contribut-ing to providing clean drinking water for two people for a month.

Generosity has identified clean water and sanitation as the most pressing human need. The company therefore ploughs its earnings into initiatives that provide clean water for underprivileged communities. A global company with branches in the United States and Australia, Generosity is now rolling out across Africa, and will be available in South Afri-can stores soon.

Alkalised Generosity Water is enriched with magnesium, potassium, sodium, and ionic calcium to increase its pH level to an alkaline 10. Health experts agree that excessive acidity in the body contributes to disease, and that an alkaline diet is important to keep your body in balance. Visit

Tickets for the LFS South African National and 4-Nations Championship, taking place on Saturday 15 October at The Ticketpro Dome, Northgate, are for sale at Ticketpro. Highlights of the show will be broadcast live on in a two-hour spe-cial on the night.

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