JMC SWB is work and no frills light truck

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The JMC SBW 1.6 light truck is here for one thing only: to do work and do it again tomorrow, again and again costing you very little in fuel and maintenance costs. Granted, this segment of commercial trucks has long-time players, many promising additional luxuries as you would encounter in sedans or bakkies but forget any frills from the SBW.
From its neat, uncomplicated design geared towards giving the user unhibited opportunity to carry and deliver, the four-cyliner diesel engine of the SBW is ready to gear into action every time work come up. It also has a decent fuel consumption of 8 liters per 100km, from a 63 liter tank, with a performance maximum speed of 120km/h.
Size-wise fewer jobs can be bigger as the SBW comes with the impeccable dimensions: overall length of 4735mm, 1690mm width and 2040mm height. To complete the fine physical presenece is the wheel base of 2490mm, front track 1395mm and rear track of 1375mm.
Numbers don’t lie as the SBW’s ratified total tare mass reaches 1865kg, a hefty load to carry for the unassuming light truck built to help you do you job.
The carrying is fitted with fully manual rearview mirrors, while other standard safety features, including the hydraulic braking system, are also in place in all three models – SC Standard, SC Lux and KC Lux. The SC Stndard is not fitted with aircon, which is available in the other two models. However, all three models boast adjustable seats and power steering for sheer driving pleasure. All three models are fitted with diamond head lamps for better visibility for night-time driving.
Last but certainly not least, what would the carrying vehicle be without dropdown sides and the tailgate? The JMC SBW 1.6 Ton has all these and more for your needs from a light truck with rugged construction to do more.
Price list:
SC SWB Chassis STD R207 880
SC SWB Tipper STD R250 880
SC SWB Tipper LUX R258 880
SC SWB 1.6 Ton Dropside STD R221 880
SC SWB 1.6 Ton Dropside LUX R229 880
SC SWB VanBody STD R241 880
SC SWB VanBody STD 2.77 R245 880
SC SWB VanBody LUX R229 880
SC SWB VanBody LUX 2.77 R233 880
KC SWB Dropside LUX R231 880
KC SWB Tipper LUX R260 880
Prices are VAT inclusive, with maintenance warranty of 5 years / 120 000km

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