Jerusalema E Ncha ready to shock music industry

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Jerusalema E Ncha got a nice surprise when got nominated for the African Indegenous Gospel album last month. Although they regard themselves as legends in the game, they were not expecting the nomination. Speaking to Stokvel Talk, emphasized that competing with legends like Amadodana ase wesile does not make them rookies in the game. ” We regard ourselves as legends as well and looking forward to win the awards later this month. We also been in the music industry for long”.
Jerusalema E Ncha “O’Jays” is a Clap and Tap Gospel Choir from Central Western Jabavu, in Soweto. It was established in 1978, under the leadership of the late Rev. Joseph “Seletso”Motaung, who was popularly & affectionately known as “Vader”.
Vader and his wife Elizabeth were former members of Barorisi Ba Morena, and shortly after leaving Barorisi, his father-in law, the late Rev. Johannes Nkagisang of St. John’s Apostolic Church of Prophecy, told Vader, “Take your sisters (The Nkagisangs) and form your own choir”. The Nkagisangsare members of the Church and the Choir to this day.
The Nkagisangs recruited and members joined, the choir had 16 members by the end of 1978, the number increased in 1979. Now the name had to be established, and that day as the choristers sat scratching their heads, Sis Mamokete suggested the name “Jerusalema E Ncha”, the late MaNkagisang, who was in the bedroom, shouted “Haleluya”, and that’s how the name was accepted and Blessed.
Our big breakthrough came up when we were introduced to “SalatielMaake and the Sunrays Messengers”by one of our choristers, Violet Moshega. They were a popular ZCC Tswana Male Gospel Choir, and they had several Gold discs to their name. We became friends and they introduced us to Mr. Rosenthal of Satbel Recording Studios, where we recorded our first L.P, Ba Nyorilweng in 1980.

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