Instilling healthy habits at a young age

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When the children returned to St Anne’s Primary School in Atteridgeville after the weekend, they found themselves in a colourful and enchanting environment.Bestmed’s staff spent most of Friday hosting a “Partners4Possibility” event, where all participants painted the school walls in colourful Disney artwork representing their five wellness pillars which are Be Active, Be Safe, Be Nutri-wise, Be Happy and Be Fin-Fit. Activities throughout the day included face painting, games, an informative and interactive play called “Healthy Habits”, a performance by well-known entertainer, Karen Ferreira, and healthy food parcels were handed to the children.
Older learners took part in brand facilitation sessions where they were taught to perceive themselves as brands and learn about how to take care and nurture that brand. The aim of these sessions was for them to acknowledge the choices they make and realise how these choices can affect them.
Sasja La Grange, Bestmed’s Marketing and Communications Manager, says that the scheme is targetting children as they are the future, and it’s crucial that they are exposed to different elements and tools which might assist them to adopt a healthier lifestyle at an early age. “This is part of our nationwide Partners4Possibility initiative, launched earlier this year,” she says. “We have partnered with St Anne’s to come up with ways of improving their school and make it sustainable. Our focus is to create an environment where learners not only excel in their education but also their health.”

La Grange says that they held an award ceremony for learners excelling in Maths and English to recognise excellence, which will become a regular event.

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