Innovative Power seal technology locks in the Positivenergy of Energizer Ma

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With their Positivenergy campaign, Energizer is aiming to make a positive impact on the world, through producing products of exceptional quality and performance. Taking this to the next level, Energizer has developed Energizer Max with Power Seal technology, which provides batteries with better power retention and prevents damaging battery leaks. The No-Leak guaranteed Energizer Max batteries have recently been launched in South Africa giving SA consumers more of the leading technological advances and reliability that are synonymous with the Energizer brand.

Energizer has always been a pioneer and leader in the industry, having produced the world’s first dry cell battery, the world’s first watch battery, the world’s first commercially available zero-mercury AA and AAA alkaline battery, and the world’s first AA and AAA lithium batteries (1.5V).

Battery leakage is still problematic and many brands of battery can corrode and leak, damaging the devices they are used in. To protect your valuable devices, Energizer Max carries a No-Leak guarantee because Energizer are confident that the Power Seal technology can offer complete leakage protection for up to 2 years (after being fully used when left in low-drain devices). In addition, the Power Seal technology ensures that the Energizer Max batteries will hold power for up to 10 years in package, so that they are ready to be used when you need them most.

Senior Brand Manager, Rashmi Vadivelu explains, “The Positivenergy campaign highlights how Energizer brings together performance and reliability. The constant innovation that Energizer strives for results in developments like Power Seal, which helps protect devices, extend the shelf life of our products, and ultimately, give people the value they expect from our product.”

Energizer Max batteries are available in retail outlets across South Africa. For more information on these or any of the other Energizer products go to

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