Glencore Ferroalloys contributes modern x-ray machine to help change healthcare in the Tlhabane community.

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Glencore Ferroalloys proudly announced its sponsorship of the North-West
Department of Health to address a critical issue in the Tlhabane community. Upon receiving a
request for assistance in June 2023 from local health authorities, Glencore Ferroalloys took
swift action to address the longstanding problem the Tlhabane Community Health Centre’s
radiology section had with a malfunctioning x-ray machine that severely impacted medical
services at the centre.
Recognising the urgent need to restore proper healthcare services, Glencore Ferroalloys
responded promptly to the call for help. The situation at the Tlhabane Community Health Centre
was dire, with patients undergoing extended waiting periods and having to travel to distant
facilities for essential x-ray services. This resulted in significant treatment delays. This daily
struggle was particularly worrying for elderly patients who had to endure prolonged waits for
their examinations and consequently causing congesting at the Job Shimanka Tabane
Provincial Hospital
As part of its commitment to uplift the community, Glencore Ferroalloys not only donated a
state-of-the-art x-ray machine but also completed the renovations of the radiology rooms to
ensure compliance with standards and readiness for patient care. The total investment for this
initiative amounted to just under R 2.5 million, with most funds allocated towards acquiring the
new x-ray machine.
"We are proud to have been able to make a meaningful difference within the community by
addressing a critical healthcare need. By investing in essential medical infrastructure, close to
R40 million over the last five years, we aim to improve the quality of life for residents and
contribute to the overall well-being of the community," including our own employees and their
families, said CEO of Glencore Ferroalloys, Japie Fullard.
Residents will now have better access to necessary medical services directly in their own
neighbourhood thanks to the installation of state-of-the-art x-ray equipment and renovations to
the radiology facilities. Ultimately, this will result in faster diagnosis and treatment by eliminating
the need for daily transfers to distant medical facilities. By ensuring that people and families in
the community receive prompt and efficient urgent medical care the enhanced radiology
services will not only improve healthcare outcomes but also their general quality of life.
“Glencore Ferroalloys’ kind donation to our community's healthcare system has our sincere
gratitude. The addition of a new advanced x-ray machine and the remodelling of our radiology
facilities represent a significant advancement in our capacity to offer vital medical services to
Tlhabane's community. We applaud Glencore's dedication to improving the well-being of our
community and anticipate the beneficial effects this investment will have on our people's lives,”
said Executive Mayor of Rustenburg Local Municipality, Sheila Mabale.