Glencore Ferroalloys collaborates with AgriSETA to broaden agricultural skills in local communities

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Glencore Ferroalloys honoured 15 graduates as part of its agriculture skills training programme in partnership with AgriSETA at a graduation ceremony held on 29 March 2023 in Rustenburg.
The programme aims to create and promote opportunities for social, economic and employment growth in Agri- enterprises through access to relevant education and quality training and development in both the primary and secondary agricultural sectors. As a result, this collaboration seeks to equip youth with skills that can be deployed in the agricultural sector and in the long term, bring benefit to their communities.
Glencore collaborated with Khuduthamaga Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a service provider that offers skills and learning programmes in various agricultural courses such as Plant Production, Landscaping, Animal Production, Poultry Production and Mixed Farming Systems.
“I am so proud to be standing in front of our graduates today; the past nine months have not been smooth sailing. The journey has been tough, but through perseverance, we are here celebrating the completion of the agricultural programme accredited by AgriSETA. I would like to emphasise that our graduates chose to be in one of the most sustainable sectors, as there will always be a need for food, clothing and many other products produced in the agricultural sector. I encourage the graduates to utilise the skills that they have acquired to better themselves and their communities,” said Fani Manganye from Khuduthamaga Consulting (Pty) Ltd, the facilitating agent of the training programme.
The graduates were each given a Certificate of Competence in Farming Production and Systems to help them realise their full potential and expand their opportunities in the agricultural sector.
“It is exciting to see young people, especially women, taking up agriculture as their career choice. This sector can be intimidating because there is a notion that to be a farmer, one requires a lot of land; however, I am here to reassure you that you can start small and collaborate with other small farmers to achieve your goals and ambitions in farming. Do not underestimate small beginnings, as one can start as small as their backyard. Agriculture is a career of passion, and even with that, you will meet challenges along the way, but you can partner with other fellow farmers as this will be helpful to your growth,” said Tshilidzi Mavhula, an agricultural entrepreneur from the Youth in Agriculture and Rural Development Programme.
According to Statistics South Africa, approximately 11% of South Africans are hungry or food insecure, making agriculture critical to promoting economic growth and improving food security in communities with high unemployment and poverty. Ferroalloys Enterprise Development Superintendent Charlin Ntuli encouraged the graduates to put their skills to use and look for opportunities to help eliminate food insecurity.
“With innovation there are many ways that one can do farming such as hydroponics farming and supplying the local communities and markets. It is up to you to identify and create opportunities that will help you build and grow your businesses, and we may be able to assist you through our Enterprise Development Hubs,” said Ntuli.
Glencore has trained 15 community members from Rustenburg and 23 from Bethanie in the North West Province, as well as 20 community members from Steelpoort in the Limpopo Province, through its collaboration with AgriSETA.