Fun, Fabulous and Fashion-forward: The style coach is helping people across SA to look and feel fantastic

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A combination of years of experience, creative flair and a personalised approach is what sets Dominique Wolf apart as an exceptional stylist. As The Style Coach, she works with individuals and corporates who need her expert touch when creating a look that is elegant, on-trend and perfectly put together. The use of a personal shopper or style consultant is certainly not just for the rich and famous: anyone who needs to revitalise their image can benefit from consulting a stylist. Dominique’s work with brands and organisations, in particular, has helped many businesses to develop an internal identity for a professional, high-impact image. Having found her passion in helping people to define and refine the way they present themselves to the world, The Style Coach’s fresh eye and keen fashion sense will take anyone’s look from drab to fabulous.

Through her years working in the magazine industry, Dominique soon realised that fashion should never be generic. She saw how many people struggle to dress in a way that flatters their body and brings out their best features, which in turn diminishes their confidence and self-image. Her ability to use trends, styles and colours to bring personalities to life and help others to express their true identity led to the creation of The Style Coach. Dominique understands the psychological impact that looking good and feeling confident has. Her relationship with her clients is key and her personalised approach creates a sense of trust so that she can work closely with each client to find a style that inspires and invigorates them. The information and guidance she provides will help not only with an immediate makeover, but also to guide future choices when shopping or putting an outfit together.

Not only are The Style Coach’s services perfect for individuals, but also for businesses who want their employees to dress in a way that accurately reflects their brand values and identity. The Style Coach specializes in group workshops, guest speaking and seminars, in order to identify the way a company wants to be portrayed and to give the employees the tools to carry that through effectively. Her wide range of consulting services include providing employees at any level with guidance on looking professional, good grooming skills, etiquette and adhering to corporate dress codes. She has worked with numerous organisations to perfect their image for maximum impact.

Dominique says that her services help people to invest in their most powerful asset – themselves. She explains: “Using the services of a stylist is a fun and therapeutic experience that changes the way the world sees you. You learn a lot about yourself and how to express your unique qualities in a professional and polished way. I have a very personalized approach and I am not prescriptive – I always take the time to understand what a client’s specific needs are. ” She adds that using a stylist doesn’t have to break the bank, as her services are convenient but also cost-effective. “I always assess a client’s current wardrobe and show them how to use existing clothing items in new ways, as well as how to keep a look fresh and relevant”, she says. “Plus it cuts down on impulse buys and those long days trawling the mall!”

The Style Coach’s core business includes: wardrobe organising, personal shopping, personal styling and corporate consulting. She is also a stylist for TV, print and online media shoots. For more information contact or go to

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