EMPOWAMEN 2024: DIVE DEEPER – REAL TALK ABOUT MODERN MAN Forget clichés and outdated ideas about men.

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This April, the EmpowaMen Annual Summit 2024 tackles what it truly means to be a man
today. We all move beyond surface-level discussions and have honest conversations about
the issues shaping modern masculinity.
Join us at Mosaiek in Fairlands on April 20th for a day packed with:
 Panel discussions: Open forums exploring important topics.
 Inspiring keynote speakers: Hear from leading figures.
 Interactive experiences: Get involved and learn in new ways.
Heres what well be discussing:
 Man Family:
o How fatherhood is changing.
o Building strong family bonds.
o Importance of open communication within the family (globally, only 8% of
fathers are primary caregivers).

 Man Identity:
o Breaking free from societal expectations.
o Building a strong sense of self.
o Contributing authentically to the world (research shows 71% of men in South
Africa feel pressure to conform to traditional norms).

 Man Health:
o Talking openly about mental and physical well-being.
o Learning self-care strategies.
o (Globally, 46% of men avoid seeking help for mental health issues due to
Well also delve into:
 Dads rights and responsibilities in a changing family landscape.
 Understanding the importance of sexual consent and fostering healthy relationships.
 Promoting inclusivity and challenging prejudice within society.
 Addressing the emotional well-being of men and the unseen struggles they may face.
 Building financial security and exploring wealth creation strategies.
 Supporting those struggling with addiction and encouraging recovery.
EmpowaMen 2024 is more than just a talk fest. Its a springboard for action. You will leave
 Practical tools: Skills you can use in everyday life.
 Actionable insights: Knowledge to make positive changes.
 A renewed sense of purpose: Inspiration to be a better man, build stronger
relationships, and contribute to a brighter future.
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Join the conversation. Be the change.