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Samsung Electronics South Africa delivers an impressive range of customer care offerings, solutions and implementations that are designed to support its customers from the moment they join the Samsung fold. From extended warranties to online bookings, quick repair offerings to reliable advice and guidance, Samsung provides consumers with world-class service and assistance.
“People work hard for their technology and see it as an investment that should last for a long time,” says Richard Chetty, Service Director at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “Samsung recognises this and the importance of ensuring that our customers feel valued throughout their journey with the brand. This has inspired us to continuously innovate and find ways in which we can give our customers the best possible experiences and support.”
Samsung offers a plethora of services that tie into this commitment, each one tailored to meet specific requirements and challenges facing consumers today. The Samsung Quick Repair Service for mobile devices was launched in March 2015 and provides mobile users with speedy repairs at selected Samsung Brand Stores and partners nationwide. Screens, motherboards, cameras, mobile devices and tablets are all maintained and repaired in real-time and staff are on hand to offer simple email setups, software updates and data transfer guidance.
The Samsung Cyber Service centre is another online tool for Samsung consumers to use at their convenience. Through this solution, users can pre-book the repair of their mobile devices at a service centre and time that suits their lifestyle and schedules. Customers go online, register their devices, use the booking form and receive a reference number. They then present this at their chosen service centre to receive the assistance they require.
“In addition to these offerings, we offer 24-month warranties across all products,” continues Chetty. “We have a two-year warranty on our products because we want to ensure that our consumer has peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected. Another warranty designed to tap into this ethos is the extended battery period for mobile phones that has been lengthened from 6 to 12 months for newly purchased handsets. Samsung also offers an in-home repair service for all white goods and TVs over 42 inches, with highly-skilled technicians visiting the customer’s house to execute repairs.”
Further to its service centres, technicians and warranties, Samsung also provides a steady flow of information to support consumers in making informed decisions and lengthening the lifespan of their products.
“We have released guidance statements that explain to customers how they need to invest in surge protection, especially with load shedding challenges and how this will protect all of their electronic devices,” says Chetty. “We have delivered detailed information for consumers on how to recognise counterfeit Samsung devices. The problem facing consumers who don’t purchase their device at a Samsung-approved dealer is the lack of customer care and support afterwards. This is a problem that the loyal Samsung customer does not experience.”
Samsung is committed to providing its customers with the best service and this is reflected in its after-sales service, customer and technical support. Every purchase and person is important and Samsung will continue to invest in solutions, warranties and systems by providing the best possible after sales care and experience.
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