Curves fitness club offers women a complete solution to health and wellness

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Good health, wellness and fitness requires a complete and holistic approach. Curves, Africa’s only ladies-only fitness club understands this, as well as realising that women have unique challenges and time constraints that can prevent them from taking the time to look after themselves. This is why Curves offers the Curves Complete programme – a 360 degree programme that offers women the chance to take charge of all aspects of their health, including exercise and diet. The programme also includes coaching for motivation and inspiration, to help women stay focused on their goals.
Curves has created a safe and welcoming environment where women can work out and has tailored their offering with the busy lifestyles of their clients in mind. The unique 30 minute workout has been designed to provide maximum fat burning potential in just half an hour, while innovative CurvesSmartTM technology provides immediate feedback on the quality of a workout, which can be accessed on the circuit or over time in a printed report. This is complemented by a Cleveland Clinic Certified Coach, who helps to set fitness goals and assess progress over time, to ensure that clients get the full benefit of their investment into their health. Additionally, the Curves Complete meal plans help clients to create simple meals packed with nutrition, as well as guiding them on healthy choices when eating out. In addition, Curves offers promotions and events supporting charitable causes, giving women the chance to connect and form friendships.
According to Amanda Coetsee, Spokesperson of Curves, “We created the Curves Complete programme because we know that health is not just about hitting the gym. It’s about taking the time to focus on yourself, de-stress, eat properly and nourish your body, and enjoy the journey. This is why we wanted women to be able to access all of this in one place: Curves fitness club, so that they can feel that they are completely taken care of. We encourage women to sign up and begin their transformation today!”
Women can join the Curves Complete programme for R199.00, and the offer ends on the 30th of August 2015. For more information go to

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