Cars made in China gets warm reception in South Africa

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When cars made in China vehicles hit global markets their reception ranged from cold to scorn, with very appreciation seeping through in between.
After a slow but determined entry into global vehicle markets, a move which was received with a lot of doubt and sometimes scorn, the world is now receptive to Chinese models.
We recognise the fact that the change in attitude did not come easy, but Chinese automakers made it happen for themselves by making huge improvements in the design and engineering of their cars. Chinese cars are beautiful and reliable, and a good value for money.
Our publication Sports Focus is planning to run a “Made-in-China” feature in our next edition to highlight the achievements of the Chinese automakers in the past decade.
We have recognised the fact that GWM is one of the leading brands which fought a noble battle to change the attitudes, and we are therefore wishing to include you in our feature through a reasonable deal which we hope will be on benefit for both parties.
Our publication is hugely popular among football lovers , and usually this group is dominated by a section of the South African society which is the fastest market for vehicle sales. This group is mainly workers class to middle classes. Most members of this group are commuters but many of them are beginning to buy small to medium sized cars, which is why they are so important to the motor vehicle market.
However many of these new buyers are influenced by what they were exposed to when growing up, and therefore have no knowledge of China-made cars because we did not have them in South Africa 20 years ago. Even those who have heard about Chinese cars, that information is mainly rumours that serve to damage the reputation of companies like yours.
We at Sports Focus can help change that attitude through the special feature we are planning for the next edition. Our wish is to make Chinese cars a regular feature in our motoring page; it makes sense since our readership is mainly the new buyers of cars, a market which is growing fast in South Africa as latest statistics show.
One source in particular is Standard Bank’s motor finance division, which has revealed that the growing black middle class is largely responsible for raising new car sales in the first three months of 2013 to 163 000 units. This points to a brighter future for new, affordable and good-looking Chinese models.
Looking forward to a favorable response from you and hope we can work together in raising the profile of the Cars made in China.

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