CARDHU – Scottish Single Malt Whisky comes to South Africa

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CARDHU, the single malt Scotch whisky with a rare warm and elegant smooth taste will finally be available in South Africa from this holiday season.
As discerning whisky lovers get together with loved ones and valued colleagues, CARDHU will be the single malt drink at the heart of their revelry. Each lavish sip, will be connecting them with 200 years that CARDHU has been at the centre of meals shared from farmhouses to fine restaurants & palaces across Europe.
This is a whisky with a unique openness to satisfy a broad range of taste palates. CARDHU’s smooth taste comes with elegant generous layers of flavours – varying from fruit, nut and honey notes. This makes it warmest of welcomes, the perfect host that is uniquely suited to all sorts of cherished moments with valued company. CARDHU is not just a whisky, it’s the glowing heart of special moments reserved for our most valued of companions.
CARDHU was built in 1824 by 2 pioneering women known for their skill, determination and generosity, Helen and Elizabeth Cumming. Their warmth of heart can still be felt with every serving to this day. This magical part of the chemistry may explain why the CARDHU distillery was the first to be bought by Johnnie Walker all those years ago.

Today, Cardhu is the 10th biggest Premium Malt in the world and 4th biggest in Western Europe, with over 2million bottles sold every year. It is available in three maturation offerings; the 12, 15 and 18 year old ranges, then there’s the Gold reserve and the Amaber Rock option. The 12 YEAR OLD which will now be available in South Africa comes an ABV of 40% its flavour known for its classic smooth and fruity Speyside character.

CARDHU’s deluxe whisky comes in a unique decanter bottle and is served in large balloon glasses that turn each drinking experience into an exceptional affair. The alchemy of Cardhu begins at the start of each serving. Every time a generous host with an elegant enough touch to choose Cardhu loudly pops the wooden stopper, the rich smooth liquid glistens as it glugs into balloon glasses to enrich an unforgettable time for your guests.

This is coupled with the perfect flavours to enrich the hosts, the story tellers, the generous of heart, the glamorous as they convene for special moments this season.

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