Bongi Msomi returns to Hammersdale for a day of upskilling and empowering young aspiring netball players

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Emaxulwini Primary School in Hammersdale was filled with ambience and ecstasy when SPAR Proteas wing attacker and Stand Tall ambassador, Bongi Msomi hosted the second of four Stand Tall
netball clinics for young netball enthusiasts in Kwa-Zulu Natal on Saturday, 27th May 2023.
The Stand Tall clinic, which was hosted by the Bongi Msomi Legacy Project and Telkom, Premium partner of the 2023 Netball World Cup, was aimed at inspiring young netball players in the
local community to stand tall, come together and importantly upskill themselves through learning from the captain of the Proteas.
The day was buzzing with excitement as Msomi shared her spontaneous journey into netball and what it takes to make it professionally both locally and internationally.
“As a teenager, I had little interest in netball. I never pictured myself playing netball professionally or better yet for the national team. However, one training session in high school
changed my life for the better,” says Msomi.
While some may call it luck, Msomi is proud of the story of how she first got introduced to netball and how grabbing an opportunity that comes your way with both hands is important, “My
story is one of luck and favour. While at an afterschool netball session in high school to watch a friend train I was asked to fill in a space for an unavailable player and little did I know that I will fall in love with the sport and see a future in it,”
adds the SPAR Proteas captain.
With approximately 80 aspiring netballers in attendance, the day was filled with a positive energy, passion and excitement as all the high school students were keen to showcase their skills
to Msomi while she took them through simple netball drills and exercises meant to develop and improve their talents.
Msomi thrives on hard work, focus and mental health, and these traits have proven fruitful as she is on the verge of playing her third netball World Cup in 2023, while still employed full
time as a netball mentor or coach.
She also attributed the foundation of her netball stardom to her former teacher and mentor, Mr. Sthembiso Mncwabe who worked extra hours, making sure she got the extra attention in order
to learn and catch up with the rest of the group. Honouring his hard work in aiding Msomi harness her netball talents, Mr. Mncwabe was selected as the province’s community hero and was also in attendance at the netball clinic. He was more
than a teacher, but played the role of a mentor as he often helped pay for her playing kit which Bongi could not afford.
“It was an honour and a privilege to be part of this initiative. I hope this clinic will not only help upskill the youth students in attendance but will inspire them and show them that
with hard work, dedication and discipline, anything is possible,” said Mncwabe.

Mr. Mncwabe
also expressed saying, “Coming from a small town like Hammersdale there are few success sports stories or successful sports stars. However, through her achievements Bongi continues
to be a beacon of hope for the upcoming boys and girls who want to make a name for themselves in the various sporting codes. We look forward to seeing her lead the Proteas in the netball world cup.” said Mncwabe

Msomi’s hard work and experience has earned her a spot in the World Cup SPAR Proteas squad and her story should be a paragon to aspiring netball players and the youth of South Africa. Her
Stand Tall netball clinic is one of four clinics that will be hosted across the country in partnership with Telkom and the Stand Tall ambassadors, Bongi Msomi; Izette Griesel; and Tshina Mdau.

‘Stand Tall’, launched by Telkom, is an initiative designed to use netball as catalyst to encourage South African youth to embrace their individuality, follow their dreams whilst growing
participation in the sport ahead of the tournament.

Through shining a spotlight on South Africa’s netball heroes and sharing their personal stories, Stand Tall aims to illustrate to the youth that they can be their own heroes by turning their
individuality and differences into strengths. You too can stand tall. So, join the movement, click here to learn more about Bongi Msomi’s story and be part of this empowering journey.